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Wanted to check my predictions real quick.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Zen : Dilithium Exchange
Currently it has already begun the slow drop in the value of zen to dilithium. This is a day after a new 5,000 zen ship pack was released and a very bad sign. While it is true that they are returning the Dilithium to STFs I highly doubt anyone will argue that the supply of dilithium has gone down and that demand will increase. And while Zen becoming cheaper is good for me, it is bad for cryptic. I would imagine that as the value drops so will the traded volume as both sides believe their currency is being undervalued on the exchange.
Currently below 130 Dil to Zen, from a steady 158 previously. Zen lost about 18% of its value in what, two weeks? That is much faster than I anticipated.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Fleet Starbases
Because of the doff changes combined with the removal of the console clickers many fleets will be hard pressed to accumulate the resources need to advance their fleet along with the new reputation grind and embassy. I suspect many will try and get their embassy to tier 1 if they can stomach the dilithium costs and then abandon it. I also suspect many fleets have stalled in their starbase progress to begin with and that many many more will as well.
And how many threads have we seen about this? Although that is not the bad thing, it is those who haven't even bothered to complain and just gave up.

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