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Season 7 is out, I used my stipend to buy an Aventine, found out that TSS has an awesome new FX, today I will get my first Epoh, tomorrow I will hit T1 in the Romulan reputation system and the passive abilities and the cutting beam made me take up STFs again with two characters even though one of them has all the stuff he ever wanted from STFs. So I'm pretty much back in the game and will convert my TOR account to F2P.
Everything is great, right? Well, almost. Aside from the abilities the whole reputation system is a stack of expensive grab bags. The only things where we actually know what we are going to get are those that were already in the game. At the moment there are tons of stuff that are unclear. So here's my personal list of questions:

1) Do the Romulan ground weapon unlocks contain weapons of every appropriate type? For example if you unlock pistols will you get stun beam, wide beam, compression and dual pistols?
2) How do they look? Like the Romulan FE weapons (which I love), like the concept art that was published on today (and only shows assault weapons, by the way flamethrower, really?).
3) What stats does the new equipment have? I will get the cutting beam and plasma torpedo anyway (unless you have to play elite STF for them, it would be great to know in advance what you will have to pay for them BEFORE unlocking them in the store) but that's because my liberated Borg Klingon gets all the assimilated stuff he can get his hands on, regardless of the stats. And what will the Zero-Point thingamajig console from the Romulans do?
4) The Romulan BOs you are supposed to get through the embassy, will they be static like the Breen, Reman and Jem'hadar or will you be able to customize their looks? Will they come in a faction-appropriate uniform or a Romulan one?
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