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i know I am probably one of the few people who had the ability to wait before I ranted, seeing as we are still in the Red hot metal phase of the tempering, (yes a blacksmithing metaphor) and we have yet to hit the water, or even get to the second phase where we temper it again to be sure there are no faults.

but seeing how the reputation times are set, it is obviously a mistake, why give the same ammount of time for reputation completion for two wholey different ammounts?

as it is 2,000 rep takes 1 day 15 hours, and the 800 rep takes 1 day 15 hours.....really? thats a big diffference, about a 73% difference to be a little more accurate.

and seeing as we are in the tempering phase, this seemed to be more on the top of my list, ( never had much quarrel with the Dilithium nerf, I saw it comming a mile away when people made 5 alts to farm a ton of it) either way, since it takes a long time to do and it has the most precidence in terms of what we get out of it, I figured it should be adjusted quite fast.
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11-15-2012, 01:28 PM
Compare the costs there, too. It's not just XP/time, but cost/XP (or more accurately, cost/XP-time, but that's when you get into weird unit conversions like miles/gallon being technically measured in square inches)

800 xp costs 9 marks, 2750 expertise, and 14,400 EC equivalent.
2000 xp costs 17 marks (88% more), 5500 expertise (100% more), and 30,000 EC equivalent (108% more)

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11-15-2012, 01:30 PM
That is a lot don't you think Hevach?
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11-15-2012, 01:32 PM
yea see, this stuff needs to be slightly adjusted.
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My point is, controlling for cost you get half the discrepancy you get only looking at XP.

But even without that, look at it as an efficiency curve. Maximum efficiency does not give maximum output, maximum output does not give maximum efficiency. The same thing happens in every part of the game - there are single most efficient ways to get everything. Romulan Marks, maximum efficiency is to take the patrol and just do Acamar over and over. Maximum output requires doing New Romulus which gives less marks for greater time, and queue events which give much less marks for substantial time. Omega Marks are most efficient from Infected Space Elite, but cooldowns and potentially bad groups limit your output. Even maximizing holding progression limits efficiency - higher inputs and no provisions on the maximum XP strategy. Maximizing efficiency doubles the time it takes to progress (more than doubles for embassies), but gives less constraining inputs.

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