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04-30-2013, 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by xolanne View Post
So I am playing on my Surface Pro 128GB right now. It runs well, and is responsive. The default is 3/4 up on the quality bar.

some specifics:
DYnamic lighting is OFF
Lights per object 2
Shadows LOW

The surface has an Intel card which doesn't do dynamic lighting and shadows very well. So, unfortunately, its not going to do the stuff you like well.

However, I turned it on and running around earth space dock hasn't been so bad.

My one problem is the game does not support touch very well. So clicking on things doesn't work well. The trackpad included on the keyboard cover works fantastic. As does plugging in a USB mouse.
What resolution are you running at?

I'm coming into some money, so I'm debating giving my AMD A4-3400 laptop to a friend of mine and getting a Surface Pro.
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