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# 111 Daily Dilithium
11-15-2012, 12:29 PM
Now that you pretty much killed getting dilithium from the foundry in under a minute can you guys at the very least give players daily dilithium for logging on. Maybe something like a vice admiral who is a silver player will get 480 dilithium for logging on and a gold VA will get 960?
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# 112
11-15-2012, 12:33 PM
Current STFs are easy, even on elite. Better ships have been released and mobs are constantly nerfed. Any plans on a 3rd - harder - difficulty level?

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11-15-2012, 12:33 PM
As you can see in my sig, the KDF have a fleet D7, and while they are not nearly on parity with the Feds, I am wondering why we don't have a fleet Exeter. After all the ships are from the same time period, so the "they're too old" excuse isn't cutting it, if the D7 is okay.

Please consider adding a fleet Exeter to the store, my whole FLEET will get one, that's over 150 sales right there at 4 Fleet modules a pop.

Make it so.


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If the KDF can get a Fleet D7 (That can be upgraded to a T5-U), the Feds should have a Fleet Exeter.
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# 114 Questions...
11-15-2012, 12:36 PM
When can we see the Ambassidor and the Constellation class + when will the exploration get an update, also will we see ny inter ship episodes?

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# 115
11-15-2012, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
Well just in case I somehow miss my chance:

Will there be a proper Romulan faction?

When will we find out what happened to Sela?

Will the Vault ever become a social zone? (please say yes! )

Will crafting ever be revisited? It's currently worthless.

Same thing for exploration. You said we'd probably have a revamp by S6, it's already S7, what went wrong?

Two words. Starbase customization.

One word. Foundry!

Uhhh... will I ever remember what I wanted to ask-

Oh, right. Whatever happened with Defera?
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# 116
11-15-2012, 12:42 PM
From the Vesta thread

While the Vesta line is very nice can I point out that the Federation now has a cruiser line (Odyssey), a sci ship line (Vesta) and an Escort (Steamrunner class) for sale in the store with 10 console slots as standard and the KDF have still only got the Bortas Line. Please it must surely be time for the KDF to get some Z-store ships with 10 console slots to give a hint of parity, and not a cruiser but a Raptor/BoP and a science ship.
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# 117
11-15-2012, 12:45 PM
Will shrouding ever be fixed in ground PVP? It is way to over powered. There is nothing you can do except die when some one unshrouds and hits you with a buffed up pulse wave. I do have a suggestion on how to fix. Make it where support drones allow eng to see shrouders and for science tricorder scan. Then Lower the cool downs on said skills to match match the frequency of shrouding.

Also why do tactical abilities buff by percentage and engineers and science get bonuses to skills. Seems unfair? Example ground buffs and tactical consoles give a flat percentage increase to damage. Where all but two science and engineering consoles buff resistance by inflating a skill. Look at the ambush skill it has plus to damage, I think it is 35%, but their is no skill anywhere that reduces damage by said percentage amount to provide balance from one shots?
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# 118
11-15-2012, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by dirlettia View Post
While the Vesta line is very nice can I point out that the Federation now has a cruiser line (Odyssey), a sci ship line (Vesta) and an Escort (Steamrunner class) for sale in the store with 10 console slots as standard and the KDF have still only got the Bortas Line. Please it must surely be time for the KDF to get some Z-store ships with 10 console slots to give a hint of parity, and not a cruiser but a Raptor/BoP and a science ship.

I may be primarily a Fed, but such a release may actually encourage me to show my KDF toons some much-needed love.
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# 119
11-15-2012, 12:53 PM
1) Are there any plans to introduce DTI to Star Trek Online, just thought it would be an interesting twist in the storyline which allows for the temporal cold war to come into the fore?

2) Can we please have some common sense in regards to the amount we pay for Zen as some of us are on lower incomes?

3) In regards to the whole life subscriber v F2P, are there any plans to at look into giving a few more things into that area to make it more appealing faster slipstream, or the ability to us it more often, a shorter cooldown perhaps? How about, for life subscribers only 10 free transwarp coils per month?

4) In regards to fleet starbases, how about perhaps creating something which I think happens on War of the Immortals where you have legions joining forces into Alliances, to allow those smaller fleets to gain more members and perhaps have battles between fleets?

5) KDF, I know a lot of people have asked this, but I think Cryptic needs to get its act together here, I know time is tough, but surely if you want people to stop asking you about it day in day out, you need to put something in KDF?

6) Can we have something more meaningful for the SB projects, they may make our starbases look nice but that is about it, how about, allowing the starbase by completing it, reduce the amount of time on their next active project by 3hrs or the amount of items needed?

7) After the embassies what next...colonies?

8)In regards to the reputation system, how about having one for Starfleet Intelligence, Department of temporal Investigations (considering we already have temporal lock boxes), Klingon High Council and KDF proper?

9) In regards to lockboxes, how about the next theme being an Orion themed box?

10) Are there any plans to move from 2409 to 2410?
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# 120
11-15-2012, 01:05 PM
Here are some questions from our French and German players:

Ask Cryptic: November 2012 ? EU Player Questions


A lot of ships are still missing costume options or the possibility to add a fleet logo. Are you planning to add those in the near future?


Any news on when the Romulans will be a playable faction?
Are you planning additional Foundry features like creating enemy unifoms/costumes or adding skills to allies/ennemies?


How about implementing a DPS Counter?
Will there be something like a Threat Meter that?s calculating the player?s threat in STFs/raids?


I?d love to see gameplay similar to Star Trek Bridge Commander. Are you thinking about implementing something like that?


How would you like this feature: Fleet Admirals being able to put a ?VAT? on items they sell which goes directly into the fleet bank?


You implemented the DX11 feature. Are you improving that, adding tessellation, better water animation or interactive nebula for example?
Will there be bigger main hubs or bigger ground areas with housing? It?s possible in CO.


Will you make Fleet Marks available via PvP Matches at some point?
Could you change the Set Shields to have clear PvE and PvP bonuses? Plasma weapons for example are unsuitable for PvP with the current Shield Sets.
Any news on the improvement on PvP?
What exactly was your motivation behind the changes to the STFs, making items available through projects and dilithium?
You?ll need to run STFs for the new reputation system. Will veterans with hundreds of STF runs get some kind of an XP-boost for it?
Winning fleet actions depends on inflicted damage only. Will there be other criteria for new missions?


Will it be possible to land on freely visitable planets with certain ships choosing whether to land automatically or manually? Would be cool to see the ship on the ground!


Are you going to implement the Ambassador Class at some point? And would it be possible to implement the Old Constitution Class for higher ranks?


Could you change the Fleet member limit to the actual # of @Handles instead of characters?
How would you like a fleet base project to unlock a ZEN-Store uniform for all fleet members to wear? A Fleet would have to gather 20.000 ZEN and 200.000 Dilithium for example.
What happened to the explorable Sol System? And why was Mars closed?
Are you planning on revising the decks in the starbase?
What happened with the idea of having more fleet bank slots?
Could we get the feature to give the crew on the starbase our own uniforms?
Could we have more options to customize the HUD?


Will fleets be able to design their own starbase at some point? Will there be some kind of a fleet alliance system?
Could you raise the member limit for fleets to 1.000?


Will there be vehicles on away missions?
How would you like upgradeable colonies, either for each player (housing) or as an additional feature for fleets?


What about missing planets like Trill(us) Prime, Betazed or Khitomer? Any plans for the future?


When will there be a higher level cap and what would it possibly be?
How about making certain ships obtainable via special quests/missions?


Will there be more bridge designs like the Belfast?


Could you implement a cooldown ticker for recruitments?


Will there be some kind of penalty for AFK players in STFs?
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