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11-15-2012, 01:46 PM
Question 1: With the "concerns" from outside (CBS) sources with the older-era ships not being available "end game" (even though you just promoted Enterprise and TOS via a costume giveaway) as "combat" vessels, has anyone considered/contemplated expanding the "non-combat" ships by essentially converting the Connie, NX, and even Miranda into at least "slightly stripped down Tuffli Freighters"?

2. Why is Cryptic seemingly against allowing a lot of players, specifically the more casual / older ones, full access to the variety of content, and so intent on shoehorning us into certain types of content? To wit, using information posted by devs on this board and various dev blogs:
A. Pre Season 7, it was stated that the reputation system is designed to only require 3x 1 hour play sessions a week. This "requirement" is very casual friendly, as it allows a casual player the ability to alternate between Romulan and Omega marks in their "average" 3.5 hour play-time, and still have the ability to farm dilithium or advance their fleet some...
B. During the dilithium flap that gave me the 3.5 hour "average session", it was also stated that the no-dilithium STFs (actually, no dilithium from any mark source) was considered in light of it needing 4 hours of play to reach the 8k/day cap. Putting this on top of the hour/day for the reputation system, fleet construction, etc. suddenly overwhelms many of the "casual" players and hardens the hardcore against all the "shoehorning" into predicated gameplay styles.
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...
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When will PvP get more maps and gameplay types? (Specifically, when will Facility 4028 or a variant be added for some sort of capture the map style gameplay, where you can send the enemy falling to their deaths by turning force field walkways off?)

When will the 700 day android BOff have options for Tac, Sci, etc.?.

What are the plans for "exploration"?

Why not release more story line missions? They don't have to be Featured Episode quality, with voiceovers and new game tech - just regular missions.

When will the stories about STO that are currently published in Star Trek Magazine be available for players of STO to read? Not everyone can / will buy the magazine.

Why artificially time gate the reputation system? Why not allow someone who has gather the appropriate marks / dil / resources (and therefore spent the appropriate time actually playing) to instantly gain reputation levels? The reputation tasks get materials input, and then players have nothing to do while waiting for them to complete.

When will the Odyssey, Chimera, Bortasqu;, etc. get skin variants? The Vesta was released with 3 visual types, why not the ships I mentioned?
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1. How about removing dilithium from the game this seams to be one of the biggest headaches ever made.

2. If dilithium is not removed how about lower the requirements by half for everything that requires dilithium or just removing it completely from star base upgrades, crafting items and duty officers.

3. Dilithium has made sto just a grind like other mmos not fun. Can we get back to making new missions, episodes and new content.
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11-15-2012, 02:02 PM
Will the Argo (shuttlecraft) and the Argo (buggy) make it in the game any time soon?
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11-15-2012, 02:04 PM
1) The elephant in the room obviously. What do you plan to do to address those players, which is pretty much everyone, who is incredibly brassed off by the Dilithium reward reduction, the increase in how much we need to shill out in time/money for it, and any remedies for that?

2) Why were year/two year old uniforms used as tie-ins to other websites. No one wants something they've been parading around in since Season 3. Why not new uniforms?

3) Can you actually level with us, as human beings, and admit that number one is a blatant attempt to get us to spend more on Zen? (We're all flesh and blood; we just want honesty. It is the best policy.)

4) Can you please put the rewards back for doing quick foundry missions?(My favourite, the Nagus missions, were an easy way to get stuff done in relatively short periods. I've got other things to do. Work, other games, family, romance, reading. I don't want to HAVE to spend an hour doing it. I want to be able to choose.)
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11-15-2012, 02:04 PM
With the recent additions in Season 7 and giving us so many more targets that require dilithium and the increase of dilithium that is required for certain aspects such as General Recruitment and upgrading your DoFF's. Wouldn't you think it would be wise to give us more avenues to earn dilithium and increase the CAP? Reduce the cool down on the Reputation system as well so we can put our selves back into the position we were before the update and not have it take forever and a day.

If you can't put in more ways to earn dilithium perhaps allowing us to use Fleet Credits or EC to upgrade our DOFF's and use of the Marks system to purchase our new gear. Maybe have the gear require so many Elite Marks and allow us to exchange 10 normal marks for 1 elite. At least that would deal with the problem people have with making enough dilithium and the stupidly low cap.
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1) When can we expect a new class to select from, maybe a "Command" class would be nice. Most mmo's eventually bring in new classes to give the game more variety, would be nice if sto followed suit.

2) 29th century outfits.. whats the eta on thiese?

3) Klingon Content (ships,clothing,missions ect) eta?
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When can we expect the AntiAliasing issue (above 2x AA causes 7 FPS) with ATI/AMD graphics cards and STO to be fixed?

When will DirectX 11 be out of beta on Holodeck?

When will we actually get new new rewards instead of recycled ones?

Where is the Vesta bridge, Prometheus pack (with a special EMH Mark II BO), Voyager pack (with EMH Mark I), and TNG packs?

What happened to the Relativity uniforms and can the playerbase convince Crypic to put these in the C-Store instead of the Lobi Store?

Can we have the Empok Nor station as a PvP map with the gas that allows you to shoot your teammates?

When can the players expect a third playable faction that is completely separate from the current two?

Is the TWoK Uniform scheduled for a make over and will we ever have a full set of ranks for this uniform?

When can I buy the Future Imperfect CommBadge?

Why can't the Academy, TWoK, TNG Admiral S1, and Relativity ranks be used on other uniforms than the ones they came with?

When will Shuttle/Fighter PvP be implemented?

Is Christopher Pike's hoverchair and Q's hoverthrone ever going to make it into the game for our toons to use?

Why isn't there a "For Rent" sign on the old Borg STF store? Is it possible for this location to be converted into a large Storage Locker for toons or fleets that gives us 200 items of storage as a C-Store purchase or some sort reward for some mission/accolade?

When will we have one complete sector space map and the same for all ship interiors and stations like DS9?

Will there be more Christmas themed clothing like Santa and Elf hats, full outfits, and Christmas themed project for our Fleet Starbases that can be turned on and off (as in when to show the decorations and when not to) by the Fleet Leaders?

Why hasn't Utopia Planitia been returned to the game and when will we have a full solar system to fly through for Sol?

We need more food items for new Tribbles. Things like ice cream on a cone, steak, loaded baked potato, apple pie, etc. When can we expect new Tribbles and new food items?

Will we ever have a Q oriented mission where he transports us through time onto the bridges of each canon ship to meet their Captain's? This would be a great way to take our toons back to being a Captain to allow a level increase after being demoted with new gear and new ships.

Is it within the tech to have a fleet emblem on the KDF Honor Guard cape instead of the Empire symbol? If so, can this be emplemented in a similar way like we swap the symbols on our ships?

When will crafting have a purpose once again and Mk XII items?

Are there any plans to fix the patterns colors on ships with darker hulls? The darker hte hull, the more it makes whatever pattern color you choose look black and not visible.

Are there any plans for sub-factions within the current two available? Section 31 for example. A story arc through Feature Episode Series to grand us new hull colors, patterns, interiors, etc. that are in keeping with these organizations. Otherwise, how about a Section 31 ship in a lock box?

Will we ever get the Andorian Escort and are there any plans for a MU Escort for Fed's in the next lock box?
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What can we reasonably expect for Foundry additions (features and assets) in the next 3/6/12 months? Will we ever see the return of features such as the Dialog with Object objective and patrol path that were pulled due to bugs and never returned? Will the foundry npc bug for the demo record tool ever be fixed?

Also, any chance the Chimera could gain fleet stats? It's slower than the Fleet Armitage and Steamrunner, but has a weaker hull. I was also thinking a third science console slot would round it out nicely.


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First up: PLEASE tell me there's a timeline to get Klingons back to a level 1 start. I flat out REFUSE to start a new character at level 20. Even if the missions aren't there, let us figure out our way upwards.

Second: can Lobi be made account wide NOT character bound? I have a couple of crystals spread across multiple characters and it irritates me that I'll never have an use for them.

Third: are there plans for more dilithium rewarding missions? I know it's gonna get harped on, but there's not a lot of variety if you want to grind dilthium.
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