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11-15-2012, 02:27 PM
With the addition of the Fleet Starbase system, and now the Embassy and Romulan/Omega Reputation systems, why the move towards a more time-gated advancement experience for the game?
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11-15-2012, 02:29 PM
One of the little tidbits I enjoyed when talking to Admiral D'Vak was that he mentioned Omega Force wasn't just anti-Borg. In fact, it was a force for dealing with any powerful threats like the Undine and the Iconians. With this is mind, are there any plans to have more "themed" sets like these, whether they are MACO/Honour Guard/Omega variants, or entirely new pieces?
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11-15-2012, 02:33 PM
KDF Tier 4 Marauding uniform, when will it be available?

KDF Tier 4 Maruading Enemy Faction Bridge Officer, when will they be customizable?
I got reminded of this when I saw a Fed Captains Gorn boff on New Romulus, wearing visable Body Armor and Pointed Shoulder pads.

When are Letheans getting their own Clothing option like all they other KDF Races? A simple Hood would be nice.

D5 Battlecruiser, when the KDF becomes a little more complete in Season 8 maybe? Perhaps with a Heavy Turret = hits harder + slower rate of fire = Same DPS and is Green, levels with you like the TOS Connie phasers. Perhaps a Heavy Cannon in the fore, like the Heavy Turret.
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11-15-2012, 02:37 PM
Just wanted to add 1 question, which is mostly aimed at the Environment Artist(s):

When will we finally see places like Starfleet Academy fleshed out to include other Starfleet installations such as Starfleet Command? Would also include re-positioning "Admiral Quinn" to Starfleet Command, rather than Earth Spacedock. Another thought is to fleshing out entire starsystems, allowing us to explore more freely, possibly even bringing in the fabled "One Big Galaxy Map".

Obviously the game engine has the tech for very large environments, or else, how would you explain New Romulus? Not buying the old excuse that the engine doesn't allow for very large maps, after having seen New Romulus (and COs Millennium City).
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11-15-2012, 02:39 PM

I've long loved Cryptic's "Choose between good and good" philosophy with gear/equipment in their games. When I was starting off as a new MMO player, other games often had bonuses and penalties associated with things, which was a little overwhelming! Whereas with Cryptic, it usually seems like everything is good, but you have to decide what you'll be good at, thus creating a simple opportunity cost versus a more weighty pros vs cons evaluation.

That said, I've now been playing MMOs for 7 years. While I still love and admire Cryptic's straightforward, no-nonsense method, I do wonder if its time to maybe toy with things that have a little more complexity to them. Perhaps some "experimental" set that has a nice set of bonuses that are countered by non-trivial penalties as a result.

In short, give yourselves a bit more freedom to make powerful, but challenging, sets.
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11-15-2012, 02:40 PM
Will be getting any new Klingon ships in the near future?
The K'Vort would be a worthy addition to STO.
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11-15-2012, 02:41 PM
Fleet starbase questions:
  • Are there ways we'll be able to search for fleets based on factors like starbase level, number of members, and users active within a given period of time?
  • Are there any plans to make it so everyone in the fleet can see what project is queued without being able to change it (read-only), since fleets want people to know what to be prepared for but may not want virtually anyone being able to change which projects come next?
  • Can we get the name of our starbase to appear when doing missions like Starbase Blockade, Fleet Alert, etc. or for it to have an object name in the map instance when visiting the system in the Eta Eridani block?
  • Will there be a Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit added back for the Federation?
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11-15-2012, 02:42 PM
Will ship costumes return to the Z-store, like the imperial class?
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11-15-2012, 02:46 PM
1) Can we get an update on the PvP Question asked about a new tech that is being worked on? The Question is below...

"Q: (russel1997) What is the state of PvP in STO?

Dstahl: My personal opinion is that PvP has never been a strong suit of STO or of Cryptic Studios in the past. Over the last year, the studio has been coming to terms with this and has dedicated internal development resources to analyzing and building a fun PvP prototype. This has helped us learn and understand the tech necessary to make PvP a healthy part of our games.

That effort was largely successful internally and helped identify how we should proceed with PvP in the future. Earlier this year, STO jumped at the opportunity to be the first Live Cryptic game to use this new tech and started work on revamping a space PvP map that could serve as a test bed for players to provide feedback. That test map was nearly finished when ?Gozer? left the team. It has since passed to another designer on the team and he is coming up to speed on everything that had been developed over the past several months.

At this point, we do not feel that rushing something out right away is going to help. In order to improve PvP for the players who currently do like it, it will need more extensive testing time than we?ve typically allowed in the past. The first step is going to be putting a test map out for players sometime in the next few months and then seeing where we go from there. Only after we believe the existing PvP community confirms our opinion that this is an improvement to PvP, will we consider putting serious development effort towards a releasable map set.

Thus, the writing on the wall is that PvP will continue as is for the duration of Season 6 and will slowly begin to improve in Seasons 7 through 9, with the end goal of having an awesome and fun PvP ?battleground? like map by the time Season 9 ships. Not exactly the best news if you are waiting for new PvP maps, but at least it gives a clear view of what we are doing."

2) Any plans to update the Dreadnought at all? If so can we know detail about it?
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11-15-2012, 02:48 PM
Are there any plans on revamping the starships like what was done to the Odyssey and Vesta? I like the fact that those ships take into consideration that not just one captain field (Science, Eng., or Tactical) may want to command those ships.

Will we get new starship skins for the Odyssey?

Will we get new interiors for our ships? Not all starship have the same ready room, crew lounge, and engineering.

Also, will we ever get our Department Head/Chiefs and First Officer?

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