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11-15-2012, 02:52 PM
A few questions here that may or not be answered:

#1. With the drought of KDF content in form of KDF account wide ships coming out of the shipyard in the year of 2012 we only recieved the bortasqu' pack. Are we to get any at all in the last month and a half of 2012 or even in 2013?

#2. Are we going to get a reputation system for our given factions that would allow us to get special items like mak'leths, pain sticks, and ritual type items for each given faction (KDF example).

#3. Are we going to see any development for both sides as far rura penthe, betazed, trill, andoria, etc (we have transwarp conduit to get to where these areas are or should be but nothing to do with the ones that exist).

#4. Fleet ships are something that do not seem to be very much used it looks like most people have gone to their basic c-store or free versions. Do you all plan to make changes to make them more desired? (A good example is the Fleet Vo'quv it offers very little and its a tier 5 shipyard ship that takes billions upon billions of resources to get there and then on top of that its a ship with no discount on fleet modules, and offers very little than the free version gives you).

#5. Are we going to see any use for GPL besides trading it for contraband which happens to appear in doff system once a month?

#6. The melee system has been improved awhile back in forms of making those weapons useful but are there any plans to clean up melee where it is more user friendly and kinder on the eyes as not being so choppy?

#7. Any news on talk or work being done towards territory control elements either pve, pvp or both?

#8. Any new costumes coming for the KDF?

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11-15-2012, 02:55 PM
Let me start off by saying, I am much less critical about much of the dilithium changes made to the game than (what appears to be) the majority of your userbase. I'm also using the game exclusively F2P though, and that might factor into why. I think if I had been a subscription member, I might be miffed like everyone else was. I -would- like to state, for anyone reading this and not fuming already, that I made an equiv. amount of the dilithium doing the Gorn Minefield in probably less time than STFs, so I think a lot of people were just complaining to complain, sadly. Like you said in your interview post, there are still plenty of ways to get it. That's 100% true.

If the season 7 content, I think the Cure Elite STF which I've ran I think 6 times on Holodeck and only successfully completed 3 times (so let's say half?) is much too difficult. I'm trying to get those neural processors for the reputation system (which I guess awards dilithium?), and that is just taking too long. My first question would be: can you keep the Omega points lower for "normal" STFs, but reward the neural processors for all of them? You still need 5 to get the reward. I think I'm not the only one complaining the Elite STFs are now bananas hard. You've made them almost so difficult that they've ceased being fun (I usually could complete an Elite pre-Season 7).

The only other thing I'd really liked change back as the recruitment of DOFFs - the time cap already makes getting new ones a chore, and now having to spend dilithium to do it - and a significant amount at that - is kind of silly. I think it's only really bad with the "General Recruitment" assignment, but with the 'corrections' you guys are planning, please make this a priority.

I'd really like to play some new mission content. Any chance of New Romulus themed missions in Season 7? I haven't read anywhere that it's for sure happening.

And a last annoying question, any hint as to what the Tribble reward will be? I'm really hoping for the Reman bridge officer to reappear as a reward since I wasn't playing when it was awarded the first time. Maybe a new Romulan engineer or something? I just vote for a special BOFF since I like them a lot.

I know this week hasn't been easy on you. I, for one, have liked a lot of the new content to the game.
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11-15-2012, 02:55 PM
Will the KDF ever be fully supported?
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11-15-2012, 02:56 PM
Why is the expected rate of Dilithium gathering four hours to get 8000? Even at the best rate of 25 Dilithium to 1 Zen, that's 320 Zen. Are you saying that our time is only worth $.80 an hour? I guess what I'm getting at here is this: you say you want people to be able to achieve the Dilithium cap. But many people just don't have 4 hours every day. How are they supposed to get to the cap?

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
While I went into an explaination of our view on Dilithium earlier in the thread, the gist of it is that Dilithium is designed to benefit players who have time to play but don't have that much money.
What about people that don't have time OR money? How are they benefited?
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11-15-2012, 03:09 PM
More of a suggestion than a question. How about docking animations at Starbases?

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11-15-2012, 03:21 PM
1.) I Realize Customization Is Last On Any Ones List But Will We Ever Be Able To Select What Our Crew Is Wearing On Our Ships ,starbases And Embassys ?
2.) We Were Given The Ability To Place Patches With Our Fleet Logos On Them And Our Ships Will We Ever See Those Logos In The Starbases Or Embassys Or Even Inside Our Ships? To Give The Look And Feel That They Belong To Usand Not So Generic As If They All Look And Feel The Same
3.) First Officer To Captain ? Or Control Of Multible Ships With Our Extre Bo's In Control Any Update You Can Let Us Know About Please?

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11-15-2012, 03:22 PM
Why do you not get any rewards when you fly to systems and complete missions in the Tau Dewa sector block? I've played some of the missions and only received expertise when killing NPCs. They are not giving drops or marks and they are not listed in the mission journal though they are not really as involved as the average mission in the mission journal. Either way even like 3 or 5 marks would be cool. There is one where you do a simulated battle with a Fed starbase as a training scenario for a few minutes, I didn't get anything for completing it.

Also, when can we get more duty officer chains? That was something that really drew me into the DOff system more than anything else. I figured the new sector block would be a great opportunity for another duty officer expansion like with DS9. When I didn't see anything in the patch notes for new chains or doff packs, I was somewhat disappointed.

Actually, did you have something up your sleeve that got pushed back and is this why the Reinforcements pack promo was extended?
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11-15-2012, 03:27 PM
Conference room in ships, ship interiors, more character creation options, more costume options: Yes/No? When?

P.S. Love the Season 7 UI updates!
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11-15-2012, 03:33 PM
When will you issue an apology to the playerbase for deliberately lying to them?

When will you sit down and figure out an appropriate solution to your clear problems as stated in dev blog 17?

There are actual reasons behind what you did. But how it was done and the method undertaken enraged the playerbase to levels i've only seen twice. The EVE Drone nerf, (which killed a lot of gallente players at the time) and Age of Conan in general.

When will you lower Z store prices on Fleet ship Modules or Ships in general?

Will there be more KDF ships (Finally?) After so many federation ships have been released?
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11-15-2012, 03:40 PM
Trait reset? I believe it has been more than 3 months now since you said you were going to nail it down, so what is the progress in that area?

Are you ever going to fix the support ticket system? IT has been broken for a year, probably more, what is up with that? Complete lack of support is a travesty and a sign of a company that is pinching their pennies, what do you plan on doing to fix this? Ontop of that, there appears to be a complete lack of support staff, in terms of population per support member are there any plans to increase your support department?

Are you ever going to remove the exploited "Report Spam" Feature that people use to get players muted for 24 hours for reasons that are not actual spam, but simply what people dont like to see?

And Dilithium? We can't handle your idea of what is acceptable Dilithium income. Can you improve upon that in a way that players don't feel like STO is a full time job?

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