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11-15-2012, 07:30 PM
Will the B'tran daily go away?
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11-15-2012, 07:37 PM
When Gene Roddenberry created star trek, he gave each faction's ships a very specific design architecture. Specifically with Star Fleet the Hull, saucer, pylon and nacelle. This structure has been bent twice now with the defiant and the well class, with both of those ships becoming not only iconic, but also well loved.

Are there any plans to further this with more unique ships made by cryptic that are Star Fleet ships, or is there a chance to see Federation civilian ships added in-game with more unique ship profiles?

Also, to the same ends is there any chance of another "design a ship" contest where the prize would be the ship made in-game?

Romulan D'deridex holo-emitter in gpl store til playable romulans come out?
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11-15-2012, 07:48 PM
1st sry for mi english

-Q1: Proposal/request:
The galaxy realy need a update is a pay for use ship and a iconic ship.
Can u add a device to the store only for galaxy class (also Galaxy X ) and this device give the hability of THY3, i think that will give some more bite without over power the ship, if necesary can also give a penalty of -5 to aux for example. the device can be added to the uniform tng session 1, dont forget some ppl (like me) have to pay already 2000(Z) for the galaxy T5

-Q2: Can the orions have they own bridge class y already have mi carrier but use a standar klingon bridge?

-Q3:can orion ship atleast use the fleet flag? dont asking for a full set of skins only mi fleet emblem on mi hull.....

_I am a FAN of StarTrek and i come here in mi first chance starting in f2p and i never understed why the Galaxy class ship is a iconic flag ship (also u have it picture in omega reputation system, and more pics in web related etc) why dont give her a more multirole like setup?

I know can have a T5 galaxy from store (i already have it) and i know there is a fleet version but:
Why is like a zombie? it can tank yes but cant give back a bite (dont asking for match a escort) but this ship should be able to figth back.

And also why the excelcior a more old ship have a better tactical boof? (i know they were refited in dominion war) but the last refit result in the Centaur class

Yes i know u can say Galaxy is a suport ship....But with so many new escort with incresed boff setup out there dont need it anymore because they can fix them self(they dont have a penalty in heal for be a escort, and cruciers dont have a plus for be a suport ship)....
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11-15-2012, 07:57 PM
Can you say any future plans for the gateway?

Can we keep hope to see all sector blocks merged in one silgle giant galaxy map?

It is a fact that the exploration system is one of the system in worst shape. Any plans to revamp it?
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11-15-2012, 07:59 PM
Right now there are a lot of star systems that are very, very laggy; it makes it almost impossible to play the existing missions there (one specific example that comes to mind is the distress call response mission in the Alhena system, in the Eta Eridani block; along with several patrol missions). Are there any plans to fix these systems so we can enjoy this content?
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11-15-2012, 08:00 PM
I LOVE New Romulus, but all those collection quest items are putting a real strain on my inventory capacity (I've already bought the maximum amount of C Store expansions for both my Bank and Personal Inventory). Is there a possibility of getting a separate "bag" for items such New Romulus collectibles, Data Samples, and commodities? Perhaps you have some other creative answer for this problem, anything would help.
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11-15-2012, 08:02 PM
Some questions about the EC vendors in game:

1) Currently we can buy faction appropriate weapons (Phaser/Disruptor for Fed/KDF) up to Mk IX from EC vendors. Has any thought been given to updating this and adding Mk XI gear to the EC stores?

2) On the KDF side you can purchase turrets, cannons, dual cannons, and dual heavy cannons from the shipyard EC vendors while the Federation is limited to beam arrays and dual beam banks for energy weapons. Can we have the ability to buy cannon-type weapons added to the Starfleet vendors?

Some questions about the Latinum store:

1) Is there any chance we will see an update to this anytime in the next few seasons?

2) If it does update any chance you can add the Mirror Universe hull material for ships that don't appear in the lockboxes (lower tier ships, C-Store ships, etc.)

Some questions about content releases:

1) In the run-up to the Season 7 launch there were a number of very interesting and informative Dev Blogs that set the stage for S7 and explained the motivations of some of the involved parties...yet the Dev Blogs are not accessible from in the game and there are some who do not use the website at all. Has any thought been given to ways to get these into the game somehow? Perhaps as added Bridge functionality in the Ready Room or Captain's Quarters?

2) While I'm aware that new areas of New Romulus will unlock as we progress through the reputation tiers have we seen all the new story and mission content for Season 7 with the rest being C-Store and/or Lockbox releases while you work on Season 8, or did you hold anything in reserve for later?

3) The Path to 2409 is pretty cool and the new New Romulus history datachips look to be really nifty as well, but having to hunt through the accolades to find and read these is a frigging pain in the butt. Have you considered updating the interface or adding a hookup somewhere inside your ship or at one of the Academies where we can directly access these without having to scroll through a crap-load of accolades to find the new one?
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11-15-2012, 08:04 PM
I noticed in an interview that you joked about a Kickstarter-style financed Ferengi faction.

While it was a joke, I've noticed more gaming, toy, and entertainment companies using this model of financing. (Mattel just did it with a Castle Greyskull remake by Four Horsemen, by taking pledges for pre-orders.)

I personally like it because it aligns paying for rewards with having a say in the content development process.

Is that something that Cryptic might seriously investigate?

I point this out because I think it could be great for something like finishing the Klingon faction. Past metrics have tied sales of Klingon items to KDF development. But the argument could be made that people don't want to buy items for a faction they don't want to play yet. Or people uninterested in personally playing a Klingon may still want to earmark money towards Klingon development because they would benefit from OTHER people playing Klingons. (So this person would have no interest in personally buying KDF bridge officers, ships, or costumes but might be interested in paying for Klingon development if they could claim the rewards on their Federation character.) Folks like PvPers in particular might want to support a healthier Klingon faction not to play personally but for other people to play against them.
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11-15-2012, 08:11 PM
Can you please continue to review prices vs. necessary already established timelines for players with limitations? I'm not asking for massive price drops, but try to make things ascertainable in less time across the spectrum; it's arguable that the amount of real-world time required to obtain resources makes the game more of a chore than a fun thing to relieve stress. (this refers to the new rep system, gear, dil drops and daily's, and all the other hot topics relating to S7 changes no matter which side of the fence you are on)

Will you please take on more community liaisons or whatever is necessary to see trending topics and at least say something to the rest of us? a 15 page trending thread regarding negative feelings about something as sensitive as a new release is really just bad business. Invest more in your customers both past and potential.

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11-15-2012, 08:12 PM
When will Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit be added as there is a piece of equipment (Metreon Gas Canister) that can fit this.

Will dilithium rewards be added to Starbase Fleet Aleet, Starbase Blockade, etc as I veiw these as Fleet Actions.

Will Fleet Marks become a side bonus award as with Azure Nebula and Vault: Ensared to omega mark awarding action.

Will the officer daily have the 5 fleet mark awarded increased to 50 marks. When grinding on a 900 fm project 5 marks really doesn't do much.

Will fleet mark requirements be reduced as dilithium requirements have been on fleet projects.

Will dilithium costs on end game items be reduced.
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