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# 1 [BUG] Mission: Operation Gamma
11-18-2012, 10:01 PM
There are 2 repeating visual bugs (one of which happens in 2 different occasions) in this mission that are occurring since the season 7 patch.

1- When on the shuttle heading through the wormhole, the captain (player), is not sitting in his/her chair like it used to. Instead, he/she is sitting inside the chair, and only the head (more depending on height of character) is visible (also part of the arms).

2- When destroying the shield generator before entering the asteroid to talk to Farek, the "cinematic" has changed to what looks to be something traveling through space (but isn't visible). This (the cinematic) also is shown later on when Farek tries to make her escape from the asteroid (after completing her request), instead of the normal one (which shows her flying off).

EDIT: If you let Farek escape after the cinematic with Eraun, she warps off, then her ship reappears momentarily before vanishing. Did NOT happen before season 7.

Tested it twice with 2 different characters, happened every single time.

Submitted a bug report but I don't really trust the bug reporting system in-game to actually get the message through...

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