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Since Season 7 some people I know really dove into the Embassy System but now people are starting to pull back because they are now feeling the burn with the Starbase Project costs (and the massive cutback in earning Dilithium). It's ending up to be more expensive than advancing the Starbases.

I have to ask Cryptic, why isn't there a Non Dilithium Option to advance Embassies like with Starbases?

Tier 1 Embassies have you paying 50 Uncommon Civilian DOFFs per project, and the only way to find these mainly is with the DOFF Upgrade Vendor, which costs 500 Dilithum, which doesn't always guarantee what you want. Which could mean waiting months to get a single Uncommon Civilian or paying a fortune in upgrade / downgrade to get one. So a player could technically burn hundred thousand in Dilithum.

Need I mention the Upgrade Costs involved?

And this is supposed just for the Romulan Embassy. Surely there will be more Embassies and similar projects added too the future.

So I ask Cryptic if they would reevalate the Embassy System to be better suited for small Fleets, else people just going to stop doing them.
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# 2 grinding doffs
11-15-2012, 10:54 PM
And its hard to get the right doffs with the outrageous dilithium toilette they have created thats just crazy. Ill be glad when our starbase is complete to put a slow on it. By then well have a starbase in 5 other sectors lol.
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11-16-2012, 06:09 AM
I thought there was going to be no more requirements of anything needing any DOFFs other than whites?

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?

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