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I was just exploring the fleet embassy in depth for the first time -- I never really go out in that direction, but figured I'd see what it had to offer -- when I stumbled upon an embassy console that sold extra doff mission slots.

The price looked remarkably cheap -- only ~100,000 for two slots!-- so I figured that was a fun little reward Cryptic created for being part of an advancing fleet. It wasn't game breaking, or anything like that, but for 100,000 energy credits? It was nice.

A few minutes later, when looking at a different console, where the "fleet credit" is listed much better, I suddenly realized I had about half the amount of fleet credits than I did before.

It *had* to be a bug, I told myself. That couldn't be possible! I had spent hours and hours and hours getting the material together to get that much fleet credit in the short time span I've belonged to a fleet, and since I've been back from a very long hiatus.

After all, it wasn't like I spent it, I told myself. In fact, I hadn't spent a dime on *anything* that used fleet credits, since I wanted to save up the amount needed for the fleet weapons.

That's when I got the sick feeling in my stomach. That sick feeling in your stomach that says "oh no," realizing the the doom that is upon us. I did just buy something... but it wasn't EC, like I thought. It was my precious and painstakingly obtained fleet credit!

All those dozens and dozens and dozens of fleet credit missions I went on, all those hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of credits I've poured into common doffs on the exchange and god knows what other kinds of materials, like Entertainment Provisions -- all down the drain.

I was basically broke trying to get as much fleet credits as I could, as fast as I could... and all for a lousy 2 extra doff mission slots?

I pretty much almost cried. Almost.

But then I thought I'd ask Cryptic to please -- pretty, pretty, pretty please, with a cherry on top -- do something about those tiny, forgettable and almost indistinguishable symbols that's next to our [insert type of credits here], so we know exactly what the heck they are.

The asks:

Would it be too much to ask for to have the symbol for ECs be lime green, and Fleet credits to be hot-rod red, or some other absurdly obvious colors that scream "this thing is different?"

Or even allow us to ensure a dialog box pops up before big purchases, especially in the valuable and hard-to-get fleet credit department, that says something like, "Are you sure you want to spend X in fleet credits?"

I never, ever get confused when dilithium is concerned, because it has a symbol that actually makes sense, is clear and obvious when used. Ditto gold-pressed latinum, for whatever that's worth.

Please, Cryptic, bring this to Fleet Credits and EC. I'm practically begging here, and I imagine this would be incredibly simple to implement.

I may not be able to get the 100,000 or so credits I spent on two lousy doff mission slots (though it would certainly be nice to)... but you, dear Cryptic, can save someone else from making the same mistake in the future.

For a guy who's just come back to the game after a very long hiatus, and has had enough fun to put in the kind of work to allow me to get that amount of resources in a week or two, it's not exactly the best way to reward our hard work, by making a simple mistake so disastrously painful. /sigh


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I remember having a similar problem when I was looking at the Fleet ships. Making them clearer doesn't sound too hard, and it would make things much clearer.
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just remember, nearly everything on the fleet starbase, except food from the replicator, is for either fleet credit or dil.
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@f9 --

I'll remember that now, but it was a very painful lesson. Cryptic really needs to make this clearer, because I'm not the only one who came back from a several-season long hiatus and was ripe for making a mistake of this kind of magnitude.

Clarity is never a bad thing, and often the simplest thing to bring about.

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