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# 1 Ships ... more ships ..
11-18-2012, 03:10 AM
Title may sound greedy, but please read it further.

I don't had the time to look through the tons of pages, so I might only copy someone else's wish (by the way I think I will): a T5 Fleet Excelsior.

Before you get jumpy and say: another FED who wants another shiny .. HELL NO!!
My second (and bigger) piece of this request is, that would you be so "correct-nice-etc." at Cryptic/PWE that you would design and grant more ships to the KDF?

I know they might be less populated compared to the FED-side ... but there are lotsa players, who don't claim a FED as main and KDF as an alt. Please tend to your KDF players as well and they won't say a word about the FED additions afterwards.

And for the record, I myself play as a FED main, used my KDF alts for farming ... have now a KDF-main as well for the last 2 months

Thank you for your time.
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