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Hey all.

Just to me and maybe others, it seems that the jem adv fighters (not the bug fighters) from dil store, seem to be a bit lacking considering the adv status on them. Imo they could either do with some sort of rapid fire 1 for the cannon to make the dem seem worth using on them or maybe adding a torp of some kind?

As it is, i just dont really think they look that effective when i watch em in a fight i mean they dont really add too much to help me kill stuff any quicker.

I dont have any stats to backup anything as im not one for that but just watching them pot shot at stuff all the time it just seems for 30k dilithium and there suppose to be adv versions of the basic ones, they just seem to lack any sort of assistance to my ship when using them.

Am i the only one that thinks this way, probably i dunno. Would be nice tho if others shared some of the expectations with these fighters and if they live up to them or not.

Btw i used 1 hanger of adv jem fighters with my jem hec.
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02-24-2013, 11:05 AM
What they need is torps. If you look at all the pets in the game, none of them really do any really effective energy type damage save for maybe the BOPs on the klink carrier. For the rest, their main source of damage comes from torps.

It's really sad as I bought the JEM Dread especially to use these little buggers, but they plain fail.

I did a few tests where I had them go up against a cruiser npc to see how long they would take to kill it. After 5 minutes I gave up. They couldn't even break the npc's shield regen. Compare this to something like peregrin fighters or freki fighters that can down that npc within a minute at most, even without my help. I wont even mention the elite romulan fighters for sake of fairness.

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02-24-2013, 05:53 PM
Our interests lay along the same path. Let us band together!

(thread I made just the other day about how useless Jem fighters are: )
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02-24-2013, 05:57 PM

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