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11-25-2012, 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Yeah, it's nasty.

And Cruisers really lose out since Engineers do not get an ability to get out of a tractor beam, while Escorts got Omega and Science Polarized Hull. So most Cruisers with a LT Science slot will be forced to have both Polarized Hull and Hazzard Emitters, which leaves less Shield reinforcement through Science Team or Transfer Shields.

I recall seeing a comment by the Devs that some powers were out of balance and wonder if this might be one of them?
Also good news for my borg toon, as she flies the mirror universe star cruiser .
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11-25-2012, 11:12 PM
I tend to just constantly cycle Haz Emit and TSS, and I don't usually have a problem. And that's something I do no matter what kind of ship I'm flying.

I *have* wound up dying a little more often, though. I just figured it was because I was being dumber in tactics
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11-26-2012, 12:15 AM
ive been tanking in a heavy escort carrier with shield repair drones, they've been doing really well, but yeah, I get the magical 1 shots with full shield and hull hp, never see a torpedo hit me, but when I review my combat log, I see something like Tactical Cube deals 48000 [Critical] with plasma torpedo. Not a high yield torpedo, just a regular every day plasma torp that I get hit with frequently and shrug off.

Hell just today there was one point where I was 15k away from the cube and I got hit with a magic torpedo.

This didn't happen prior to season 7. Yeah, some times the torpedoes wouldn't render, and occasionally id get hit by one, but I can pretty well guarantee im gonna get killed 2 or 3 times tanking a tactical cube post season 7 launch.
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11-26-2012, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
This is a perfect one-shot. It is UNAVOIDABLE. (short of never getting in range of the enemy)
To be fair, that log said 'Torpedo Spread'.

Obviously I wasn't there, but if you took the full brunt of that spread, it leads me to believe you rushed in by yourself. If your whole team had been there, you wouldn't have been targeted by all of those torpedoes, and likely would have survived.


As an escort captain, I never move in on an unaggro'd boss ship before the tankier ships do simply because of stuff like that. Spread the 'love'

500 years in the future and we still look like schmucks when getting our ID photos taken...
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11-26-2012, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
What? Then you just supported my statement. A properly built oddy will be the one ship that never bothers to die in an STF. I play ESTFs all the time, and my oddy forgets to die on a regular basis (provided I don't pull a: You done @#$%ed up son. moment).

An incorrectly built Odyssey will die often and pathetically. A properly built Odyssey will die seldom and only as a direct result of pilot error.
The chances of the Odysseys from today's ESTF session being equipped the same as the quoted player is slim.
They went boom on a regular basis.

Like many others, I played STF's before S7 using the same setups and tactics.
We know what we're doing.
The Borg are doing way more damage than they should.
It's fetish-hard.

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11-26-2012, 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by thyuberdude View Post
While im not happy with Cryptic/PW once again changing the borg and ONCE AGAIN not mentioning it in the patch notes.. ( WHY is it they NEVER do that? They NEVER tell us what they change!)
apparently, this borg-buff came as quite a shock for the devs too....

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
So all you wimps who are complaining about the Borg doing too much damage with their torps, I have 5 words for you. Electroceramic Hull Plating, Monotanium Alloy.
First, you seem to assume all ships are cruisers.
Second, your advice would be good against normal borg. Against the current over-buffed borg, it's worthless. To quote myself:

Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
So, shield damage? adds up to 10494 (47939).
Hull damage? 47129 (98491)....
Now that's 100k hull damage applied instatntly, the same instatnt that you loose ALL your shields (unless you have a 50k shield cap :p). Add to that the insane DoT you get.

Even if you manage to bring your kinetic resist above 50%, you'd have to be flying the biggest ship in the game, and be at absolute perfect hull, to have even 1%hull left. And you'd have to be the luckiest sob ever if you could manage to activate HE before the first plasma DoT would do 1500 damage and turn you into space dust. (As activating HE usually takes more than 1 sec, due to various UI lag)

Now this is a perfect one-shot with no warning. (invisible) No skill or build is going to avoid it.

If you don't have any issues with this, maybe it's because t the borg just don't see you as a threath...
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11-26-2012, 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by kagurazaka77 View Post
To be fair, that log said 'Torpedo Spread'.

Obviously I wasn't there, but if you took the full brunt of that spread, it leads me to believe you rushed in by yourself. If your whole team had been there, you wouldn't have been targeted by all of those torpedoes, and likely would have survived.
no. as i said, I was at 9.5km range. 3 teammembers were closer, 1 dead. I was in a cannon-Chimmera and caught the aggro seemingly randomly, and suddenly, as cannons deal puny damage at 10km range. Anyway, spread deals the same damage to you regardless of how many targets are affected, as it was dealt by only one enemy.

Just to clarify: This was not a series of spreads over time, or a series of spreads from several enemies hitting at the same time. It was one spread from one enemy, hitting instantly.

This spread of doom appeared to have about a 15-30 second cooldown, and would one-shot me and my teammates in turn.
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11-26-2012, 02:13 AM
Originally Posted by rezking View Post
No, I see Odysseys go boom regularly and I doubt they all have the same builds.
There are only two kind of players flying odysseys: the best tank players in game or the worst players in game. Average to good players are rare. That's why, in pvp, I always give a try on the ody when there's one, because it's a ship tac rookies enjoy flying a lot, since it's supposed to be the most resilient ship and considering they had obvious problems with survivability. As long as they don't get that the PEBKAC (even RA ships don't suck when you use them well), they'll be obvious targets and easy kills.

I also saw odysseys being blown up by a couple of spheres, and even once by a couple of probes in kerrat. It doesn't mean spheres and probes are OP, it means they need to learn to spec their ships and to learn how and when they should use that stuff. It's not a shame to learn from people having more experience or better at figuring out the most efficient strategy quickly, but it requires to adapt, which means giving up your favourite game style.

FYI you can't succeed in pve or in pvp with a dps build on an odyssey, or even worse, with a debuff build with boarding parties and eject warp plasma. I also often see players clicking wayyyy too often on their panic buttons when they got a decent build with the help of some forum dwellers. And then when the real damage comes they have nothing to use.

So :
- if you don't have a good build, get some help. If you meet them in game you may even make a new friend and he may take you to a stf to show you some stuff.
- if you have a good build (which means two EPTS 3, one TSS2, two HE, one aux to sif at least), learn to trust your ship and don't burn your panic buttons (ie your two reverse shields or miracle worker) when the current wave is about to die, when you have only one facing down (wait for your TT), or when a couple of spheres are hitting you...

And please no "i have a job/a life" excuses, I have both but got help in the first six months in my fleet. Having them on teamspeak was great to learn new stuff.

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11-26-2012, 03:21 AM
After S7 I remember my first stf, where a borg hit me for 300 000 dmg. How the f?$k am I suppose to defend against that?
And I played on my strongest char, in a kar'fi....

Not that I mind the bigger challenge from the Borg though
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11-26-2012, 03:25 AM
Well I gotta say I was having issues with the borg also since season 7 was released.

Im uing an Atrox carrier. I have my skills boosted for max huill defensive and shield defensive...lots of power.....and I have fought tactical cubes before in this ship.

After season 7 I started getting 1 hit when moving into a tactical cube. Im used to flying in do some fast heavy damage jam its sensors and get out leaving a trail of mines for it to follow and my fighters attsack it on intercept mode.

Now the issue is since the update your been 1 hit from something you dont see.

I did this manouver I have pulled off numerous times only to be hit down to 25% health in 1 hit as I was moving in so I turn early and use evasive manouvers and ramming speed to get me out of range in a blink leaving it with thefighters and at 15k distance as I have in the past with other battles I will heal my hull and shields andget myself ready for another pass. Well I made it out to 15k away. My fighters are on the Tactical cube. I keep flying away from it laying mines. 10 seconds have passed got my hull back up to 50% and then BOOM. Cube is still 15k away from me...I havent even started turning yet and I blow up with no sign of anything hitting me.

THen we have the Hive Onslaught.

Cool event.

However when the 2 big cannon things next to the borg queens ship are dead isnt that supposed to be the end of the lance shots?

Here is how the last Hive went that I entered.

Team spawns
Waiting for the 20 second mission timer to countdown to start and launching my fighters from my carrier.

20 seconds up. Team starts moving in. I go full impulse till I am 18k away from it then I move in slow.

Other teammates have started to engsage the fight. So far so good. Everyone on full hp.

I get under 10k of the target casting my buffs as I get into fire rapid fire from cannons as they start shooting and target subsystem shields.

I fire 3 shots on rapid fire (counted) and explode.

I respawn. Start moving back to the target casting fighters. Get to 9.6..havent opened fire yet.....BOOM I blow up.

I respawn. Start moving back to the target. Go in full impulse to sit over the borg queens ship as its not supposed to lance you there and target the left borg cannon and fire and BOOM...I explode...

So I respawn again eventually...1st cannon is dead...Move into the second....

This 1 goes how it should. I can sit at 8k away hiting it with cannons and my plasma bank while on defensive mode and keep my shields sort of ok. When I get hit I have time to back out of range...get my shields and hull good then move back in.... 2nd cannon finally for the queen.... I already thought I fdont want to be next to the queen when it starts moving after the way I already died so I use my evasive manouvers to get me away from the queen and...BOOM I explode....

Ok so the borg just got lucky so far??

I respawn now its a 60 second timer already.....and then st6art moving back towards the borg queen fighters launched...Buff up at 13k as I am moving in. I got to 9.9k. My plasma bank only had fired once..the cannons wernt apparently in range even for the first shot and then...BOOM....I blow up.

I respawn....eventually.......start moving back to the queen..... same drill...fighters...buffs... Start to move into firing range....Plasma beam fires 1 time agsain only and BOOM I blow up.

I have NEVER been 1 hit like this...Theres been stupid and forgetting to do skills and shields while in battle so your dead in 3-4 hits but when your doing all your skills...setting the powr lvls correctly and in time there should be no reason you are 1 hit so many times.

I am not using borg gear but I didnt before either......I am using the jem hadar set....and before it worked fine...I did the hive and I could sit shooting it sending fighters in jamming its sensors everytime it targetted me and healing my ship and shields without too much of a problem but now....

It feels kind of pointless trying to use tactics.......

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