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This video explains a bit about procedural generation and honestly if you want to do full exploration and have a feeling of true space this is the best and probably only real way to do it:

David Braben Procedural Generation

Can it be sown into the current form of STO though?
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11-15-2012, 08:56 PM
if they did this, and enabled a freelance mode (long story but involves a lot of variables)

i would pay out the a** into STO again....I dont care if they redid the engine so long as all our gear/ships/store purchases/caracters stay the way they are on paper....and all our hard gotten stuff like ships at least sill stay with us in either token form or such.
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11-15-2012, 09:21 PM
Originally Posted by daedalus304 View Post
if they did this, and enabled a freelance mode (long story but involves a lot of variables)

i would pay out the a** into STO again....I dont care if they redid the engine so long as all our gear/ships/store purchases/caracters stay the way they are on paper....and all our hard gotten stuff like ships at least sill stay with us in either token form or such.
Keep dreaming. You're basically asking for STO 2 and still expecting them not only to keep the current balance in mind (a balance that whiners say is already broken), but also to retain all your current benefits.

Here's a way to get this done: Win the lottery and donate the proceeds to Cryptic to fund a sequel.
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11-16-2012, 11:14 AM
Perhaps it would be possible to use this and adapt it into the current exploration method? IF only to create far more star systems in those explore zones? May need more transwarp gates though .

Star Citizen is in its last 3 days of stretch and Elite has quite a long way to go yet.
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11-16-2012, 11:20 AM
Cryptic's engine doesn't support procedural generation for a number of reasons that would likely prevent any MMO from doing it (but not online game).

The existing cluster missions are all pre-generated and are not actually made "on the fly."

You might be able to do something Foundry-like "on the fly" if by "on the fly," you mean you have to queue for it and wait 30 minutes for it to be ready.
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11-16-2012, 11:37 AM
I think Cryptic is able to do something similar with new world generation. And flying in the atmosphere could work using slight-of-hand like a transition by removing objects in space and having the atmosphere surface model appear.

And Cryptic could easily open up areas in space for Foundry authors to make their own race or a Foundry collaboration in making a new race with new missions and such.

Now it's up to Cryptic if they are going to innovate or make more grinding.
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11-16-2012, 02:36 PM
By its very nature, true exploration would suggest a random nature of mission and reward wherein players were surprised by each.

This would not be as hard to do as most imagine. Weve had two missions that attempted this goal.

The exploration missions would give random missions and rewards. You might get a space pew pew mission, you might get a ground pew pew mission, you might get a ground or space scan and scoot mission, and you might get an aid the planet if you were lucky. Many of these paid diplomacy points in addition to other rewards. Aid the planet missions were great because you got an offering of gratitude or friendship or something similar that had a random surprise reward in it. People were always happy to see an aid the planet pop up as a reward mission.

The STFs while not random in choice of mission did allow for suprise drops when an optional was achieved and when the mission was won. I think people were upset at the low odds of winning prototype salvage but that otherwise they liked the random drops. Sometimes people would win that rare uber nice turret [acc]x3 that was worth a great deal on the exchange.

It would seem fairly easy to randomize missions back into explore areas of the game. They might get a randomized mission alredy there in say perhaps Delta Volanis or they might get a "normal" mission related to its connected sector like Doomsday Device or even one of the old patrol missions which I kind of miss. You could even randomize it into entry into a pug stf, a fleet action, trophy mission, or other public event.

It will not work, unless you enhance the rewards for people taking the risk of playing a mission they may not like. Obviously people like Aid the Planet missions more than they do scan anomoly missions.

People like to be surprised and they like to be pleasantly surprised and this means giving out enhanced rewards.

It would be easy to randomize missions and it would be easy to reward random enhanced rewards for them. You could do it with premade missions and you could do it with foundry missions. It would bring surprise and fun into the game. It would showcase a larger variety of content that Cryptic and foundry authors has built but is rarely played by the player base.

But I absolutely promise that randomized missions will not play out well unless Cryptic gives enhanced rewards for winning them. It would be great if I went into an explore sector and got a random foundry mission instead of scan the anomoly mission. But Id rather spend 5 minutes scanning the anomolies and getting a predictable reward than 45 minutes and 1/3 of a progress towards an investigate officer reports. Cryptic would need to enhance the potential of my reward to entice me into risking time spent on a mission unkown. And it would need to be a nice bump up in reward instead of 2-3 romulan marks. If I got bumped into a patrol mission and got Omega marks or old school prototype salvage or an offering of friendhsip then I would consider that very cool. If I did an stf and got 100,000 energy credits instead of the "standard" reward Id probably think it kind of neat. You could let people do missions via normal methods with predictable rewards or get surprised by the mission and also the reward via a true exploration blindside surprise.

It wouldnt be hard to install a mission and reward randomizer and give players the chance at surprise based exploration but youd need to enhance their rewards to make it worth their while. Nobody would ever go to Vegas if there werent chances to hit it big.

It would be sooooo very easy to enhance rewards in non standard areas. You might do a scan and scoot and magically get 2500 colonial points for your doffins or you might win 500 energy credits or you might win an old school offering of friendship or you might win 25 lobi crystals, or 5000 latinum, or 50 unreplicated materials for crafting.

The possibilities are endless. Random missions and Random rewards. Players would love it. But only if on average their rewards showcased an improved use of their time versus what already exists.

This honestly is a good idea. But to be honest, if Cryptic increased the rewards on most of the missions they already have then players would fall all over themselves to play them and a few of the lack of content complaints would go away.

I will give one example. The efficient impulse engine used to be the engine that everybody wanted at every level. Its a great mission and you get to fight with Spock. Its one of my favorite missions in the game. Well its not overpowered anymore even by its old standards. If they unnerfed it and reset it to its old stats then it would be "adequate". If you used it then youd give up any chance at a 3 piece set bonus. Its a mk iv engine and mk xii engines have better stats now than in the days when mk x was the best you could get. In short it is great for levelling but not overpowered at hero level anymore. If Cryptic resoted the efficient impulse engine to its original value then Im sure people would magically start doing the city on the edge of forever mission again. Its a good mission. Everyone likes it. Its just that it takes a long time and is not a good use of players time. People want to be rewarded for their time.

Id love to play more foundry missions if I got rewarded for the use of my time. You play a good foundry mission that you love and you get 1/3 of an investigate officer report that pays a bit of dilithium. I can do a red alert that I dont like so much and it takes 8 minutes and pays 480 dilithium. Ive saved 37 minutes of time.

Theres plenty to do but people dont feel adequately rewarded for doing them. Randomizing missions and rewards with enhanced rewards would ease a lot of pressure on the game. They would need to be fun and most importantly "rewarding". Nobody hates the Cryptic missions that are out there except for the grind pew pew stuff. They just dont feel rewarded for doing any of them.

Great idea by the OP.

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