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# 1 Reinforcement packs bug?
11-16-2012, 02:52 PM
Whilst im in the mood for posting I would like to ask if the reinforcement pack and the awarding of bug ships is bugged (pun intended)

I have the same guy get over 25 bugs personally, and im sure many more as i dont play more than average. I saw the player get 5 in 1 hour one day and many more the same day..

I know alot of players will know who im talking about, I just dont think it humanly possible to open so many pack to "normalise the odds" so I left feeling he knows a bug/fix

I dont want to name names, but if a dev needs a name then they can PM me, I even met the player and asked him, he gave me a no idea response.

Can you please explain how this has happened?


ps i have a bug and dont want another..

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