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Recently I been thinking whats the point to these que events.

Here Goes.

STF's Normals are now pointless. Very little rewards from this. Might get 19 Omega Marks & 440 Dilithuim - Pointless. Plus was our way to teach New comers how to do STF right. Now most will skip these.

Elites. No Item Drops. 980 Dilithium & 60-75 Omega Marks. Worth it. well to unlock SOTO teirs yes. For anything else No.

Fleet Events. Fleet marks given. In most depends how many ships u kill. With a 5-20 man event. This can be as few as 3 marks given to anywhere above 20 marks. Why is this. Cause u can take a ship to 10% hull on ur own & then have 5-10 other people fire on that ship stealling all ur glory in the event. So is this worth with current reward system. No. Too random & depends on Luck. Now Investigate OFficer reports if they ever fix foundry gives 50 marks a day for just 5 minutes work if u do the right 3 reports. That is more worth it than the Events.

The New Romulan FMarks events. What do they give. well these depend upon what the objectives are. Now Vault ensnared can give above 100 marks. but in reality most are lucky if they come out of it with 10-20 marks. Azura. standard 10-20 marks depending on team & so on with the others too. So worth it. NO again. Then saying that u can get more quicker doing these PvP missions than doing the missions on New Romulus. As with those it takes around 20-30 mins to complete 1 mission. So in a way. PvP que missions are more worth doing for Romulun Marks than New Romulus missions.

The Gear Dilith Event's. Are these worth it. Well 1280 dilith isn't bad. 3rd place a rare Console aint bad either. 1 Very rare console for 2nd place & 2 Very Rare consoles for 1st place aint bad too. But if they somert u don't want or worth very little to sell on. then it crap. But lets be honest. This is probably the most worth while PvP que event there is. Likely hood you'll get 1280 Dilith & a good if not Very Good Console to either use r sell.

In Conclusion to this. It is my view that if Cryptic actually did more of the events like The Gear/Dilith events or just made it so Fleet Events are way more even instead of unfair. then alot of these events become more worth while. Or even bring back the loot drop system fro the Old STF's & adding them to the other current PvP events would make them more worth while doing.

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