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# 1 A Defined Conclusion
11-18-2012, 05:12 AM
Okay, so Season 7 was released, there were many complaints, and there were a couple of praises too. I guess no gaming studio can get everything right cause no customer is going to be the same; we're all wanting different things out of this game and the Star Trek Online development team have to come to some sort of compromise when they update the game and add all these nice new features. That much I get.

But anyway, the complaints. I've seen quite a few, and have had a good moan myself (in my case, it was more to do with the Duty Officer Dilithium Exchange Prices than anything else ~ that's what is stopping me from playing the game at the moment, and I wont be loading the game up again until the prices are significantly reduced).

Regardless of that though, everyone is complaining to Cryptic when I'm not entirely sure they are to blame. The way I see it is this: If the MMO business was compared to a prison, then Perfect World would be the Alpha Male whilst Cryptic Studios (and all those others under Perfect World) would be the ?itch. The Perfect World business is the one with the money, they're the ones that bought Cryptic Studios (and other game companies) and they're going to be the ones who sit down and say "okay, next season we want this much from you". Cryptic Studios are obliged to produce the expectations that Perfect World command.

Sure, the guys at Cryptic Studios could do with listening to the community a little more, as of late, whenever a promise is made, or one of the development team says they're going to look into something, my reaction, quite simply is this: I'm not going to make a long list of long-desired requests cause it'll fall on deaf ears anyway and still nothing will be done.

Nevertheless, for everyone complaining to Cryptic Studios about the price of in-game items, and the cost of the recently introduced Duty Officer Dilithium Rip-off, I'd urge the complaint to go directly to Perfect World rather than Cryptic Studios. I'd think (after some research) that it's Perfect World that are the thieving no-good for nothing swines that are damaging our community and the gaming within.

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