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I have come up with an alternate possible means of getting a starship in Star Trek Online! The number values are subject to tweaking, obviously by someone who's better at that particular part of this stuff.

You'd still start off with a junky Miranda Class at the beginning. But if you want to do better, follow this theoretical guide!

1. Decide role for your ship
First step is to decide what you want your ship to do - damage, tanking, or support.

Escort role: +5 Weapon Power, +1 Forward Dual Heavy Cannon Weapon Slot
Cruiser role: +5 Shield Power, +1 System
Science role: +5 Auxiliary Power, +1 Device Slot
2. Decide size for ship
Second, we decide how large a ship you want to control. Larger ships cost more resources to construct, but are overall tougher. Smaller ships are dirt-cheap and nimble, but are more fragile.

Tactical Vessel: 50% hull, crew, shields, inertia (200% speed, accel, turn)
Light Vessel: 75% hull, crew, shields, inertia (150% speed, accel, turn)
Medium Vessel: 100% hull, crew, shields, inertia (100% speed, accel, turn)
Heavy Vessel: 150% hull, crew, shields, inertia (75% speed, accel, turn)
Flagship Vessel: 200% hull, crew, shields, inertia (50% speed, accel, turn)
3. Components (Gathered materials!)
Now that you know type of ship you want, you can select one of the costume families according to the size chosen. The role's bonuses will apply to the ship regardless of the role you've chosen for it. That means that you can make a combat Galaxy, or a Science Defiant - just to see what happens! Simply gather the needed resources, described below, and initiate the commission.

If you aren't happy with the role, the role can be reassigned for a cost. Components can also be replaced by performing a "refit". This will result in the loss of the components you previously used.

Tactical Size: Sabre, Defiant, Aquarius
25 Hull Alloy
3 Armor Plates
1 Power System
1 Shield Generator
1 Impulse Engine Assembly
1 FTL Drive
1 Deflector Assembly
3 Weapons Fixtures
3 Officer Stations
3 Systems
500 Refined Dilithium

Light Size: Nova, Intrepid, Patrol Escort, Constitution
50 Hull Alloy
4 Armor Plates
1 Power System
1 Shield Generator
1 Impulse Engine Assembly
1 FTL Drive
1 Deflector Assembly
4 Weapons Fixtures
3 Officer Stations
3 Systems
1,000 Refined Dilithium

Medium Size: Hope/Olympic, Trident, Luna
75 Hull Alloy
5 Armor Plates
2 Power Systems
1 Shield Generator
1 Impulse Engine Assembly
1 FTL Drive
1 Deflector Assembly
5 Weapons Fixtures
3 Officer Stations
3 Systems
2,500 Refined Dilithium

Heavy Size: Cheyenne, Emissary, Akira, Prometheus
100 Hull Alloy
6 Armor Plates
2 Power Systems
1 Shield Generator
1 Impulse Engine Assembly
1 FTL Drive
1 Deflector Assembly
6 Weapons Fixtures
3 Officer Stations
3 Systems
5,000 Refined Dilithium

Flagship Size: Odyssey, Galaxy, Sovereign
150 Hull Alloy
8 Armor Plates
3 Power Systems
1 Shield Generator
1 Impulse Engine Assembly
1 FTL Drive
1 Deflector Assembly
8 Weapons Fixtures
3 Officer Stations
3 Systems
10,000 Refined Dilithium

Hull Alloy: Resistances (Select only ONE type)
Duranium: Energy
Tritanium: Kinetic
Polyduranium: Energy/Kinetic (half-and-half)

Armor Plates: Bonus Resistances
Diburnium: Phaser, Disruptor
Ablative: Disruptor, Polaron
Electroceramic: Plasma, Tetryon
Tetraburnium: Tetryon, Polaron
Parametallic: Polaron, Antiproton

Power System: Bonus
Standard Warp Core: +% Power Transfer Rate
Interspatial Warp Core: +% Power All Systems
Warp Impulse Reactor: +Engine Power
Quantum Slipstream Chamber: +Aux Power
Multiphasic Transwarp Core: +Shield Power
Asynchronous Combat Warp Core: +Weapon Power

Shields: Capacity/Regen
Metaphasic (Standard): 100%/100%
Covariant: 110%/75%
Regenerative: 90%/125%
Resilient: 95%/95% (5% Absorption)

Impulse: Speed/Turn
Standard: 100%/100%
Hyper: 125%/67%
Combat: 67%/125%

FTL: Speed/Turn
Warp Drive: 100%/100%
Asynchronous Warp: 125%/75%
Quantum Slipstream: 200%/25%
Warp Impulse: 50%/200%

Deflector: Bonus
Standard: Power Insulators, Warp Speed
Graviton: Countermeasure, Exotic Damage
Neutrino: Sensors, Inertial Dampeners
Tachyon: Stealth, Flow Capacitors
Positron: SIF, Shield Emitters

Forward Weapons: Beam Array Strip, Dual Beam Emitter, Turret Port, Cannon Port, Dual Cannon Port, Dual Heavy Cannon Port, Torpedo Launcher.
Aft Weapons: Beam Array Strip, Turret Port, Torpedo Launcher, Mine Launcher
System Slots: Tactical, Engineering, Science
Officer Stations: Tactical, Engineer, Science

4. Fitting Weapons and Systems to a Ship After Construction

After you have built your ship, you'll have empty system slots and weapons ports, as well as unmanned bridge stations.

Engineering System: Bonus
Booster Modulator: Auxiliary Power
Plasma Distribution Manifold: Weapon Power
Field Emitter: Shield Power
Injector Assembly: Engine Power
RCS Accelerator: Turn Rate
Emergency Force Fields: Life Support System (Able & Alive Crew resistance)
SIF Generator: Hull Repair
EPS Flow Regulator: Power Transfer

<Armor Consoles gone with this system, as armor is considered a separate system.>

Tactical Systems: Bonus
<Tactical Systems unchanged from current Tactical Consoles>

Science Systems: Bonus
<Science Systems unchanged from current Science Consoles>

Energy Batteries (installed into weapon ports): Phaser Battery, Disruptor Battery, Plasma Battery, Polaron Battery, Tetryon Battery, Antiproton Battery (plus the hybrid types).
Torpedo Stock (installed into torpedo launcher slots): Photon Torpedo, Quantum Torpedo, Plasma Torpedo, Chroniton Torpedo, Transphasic Torpedo, Tricobalt Device, etc.
Mine Stock (installed into mine launcher slots): Photon Mine, Quantum Mine, Plasma Mine, Chroniton Mine, Transphasic Mine, Tricobalt Mine, etc.

5. Upgrading

Upgrading Weapons and Equipment
As there are currently 7 functioning ranks (Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral Lower, Rear Admiral Upper, Vice Admiral), there should be 9 tiers of equipment.

Standard Issue would basically be Mark Zero, and would have all the basic values of the weapon or equipment. It would come stock with any ship issued.

Mark I would be available to Captains at level 5, and would see the first incremental increase in usefulness.

Mark II would open at Rank: Lieutenant Commander. Mark III at Commander, and so on, to Mark VII at Vice Admiral. Mark VIII would also open at Vice Admiral, but would be a greater challenge to gain material to perform these upgrades.

[Mark # Hull Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # Armor Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # Power System Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # Shield Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # Impulse Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # FTL Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # Deflector Upgrade Kit]
[Mark # Weapon Upgrade Kit]

Upgrading Officer Stations
Upgrading Officer Stations, which start at Ensign, can be done in a similar way, with a [Bridge Officer Station Upgrade Kit]. Obviously, you can't have a station with a rank identical to, or greater than your own.

Total Ship Upgrades
When you become a Lieutenant Commander, you would be issued:

1x [Bridge Officer Station Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II Hull Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II Armor Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II Power System Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II Shield Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II Impulse Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II FTL Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark II Deflector Upgrade Kit]
3x [Mark II Weapon Upgrade Kit]

You'd also receive items to add weapons (to a limit of 12), stations (to a limit of 6), system slots (to a limit of 7 per specialization) and device slots (to a limit of 7) to your ship, to help and keep it current with your rank. More weapon upgrade kits can be purchased for Energy Credits/Fleet Credits

3x [Lieutenant Commander Ship Modification Kit]

You will need the desired additions, be they weapons ports, officer stations or what-have-you, to commission the refit. You do not need to have one of each. If you wish to commission the addition of 3 weapons, go ahead!

You'll receive Mark III upgrade kits and a Commander modification kit at Commander, Mark IV/Captain kits at Captain, and so on.

Vice Admiral Upgrades
At Vice Admiral, you will be issued:

1x [Bridge Officer Station Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII Hull Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII Armor Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII Power System Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII Shield Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII Impulse Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII FTL Upgrade Kit]
1x [Mark VII Deflector Upgrade Kit]
3x [Mark VII Weapon Upgrade Kit]
3x [Vice Admiral Ship Modification Kit]

You will also gain access to the Mark VIII kits and special Vice Admiral Upgrade Kits to do the following things:

-Install fore-only weapons as aft weapons
-Install an extra Power System
-Install a second Shield Generator
-Install a Hangar Bay (Medium Sized Vessel or larger)

6. Advantage Over Current System
Players will no longer need to:
-say good bye to ships they loved the look of because they had become obsolete
-adjust play style to suit the role of the ship they like the look of - or stare at the ass end of a ship they hate simply because of the play style they prefer
-struggle with duplicate Mark tiers for each rank

Players will now be able to:
-Create a legitimately unique play experience for themselves, not just from player to player, but ship to ship. The number of possible combinations of effective ship layouts is nearly endless
-compete with C-Store ships with a little effort on their part
-farm for something less irritating than dilithium and more satisfying than Fleet/Romulan/Omega Marks

What do you think? Discuss!
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# 2
11-17-2012, 08:14 PM
This looks pretty good.

Plenty of flexibility, too.
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# 3
11-17-2012, 08:15 PM
Would this be more like crafting a ship where you have to gather all of the components?


Would the be more like creating a character where you can choose it once then have to pay to

change them?

Personally i think that it would be better if you start in the miranda and have to gather pieces

for you ship; that way you could make more than one. Also, the first one would have to be

far cheaper so you could make it in ten levels.
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# 4
11-17-2012, 11:21 PM
I like the concept though I believe even the c-store ships would have to be subject to level based modification to keep even the early tier ships up to snuff. Reminds me of the system swtor had for their upgradable armies which I also enjoyed. Fleet ships of course should be a notch above the rest.
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# 5
11-17-2012, 11:23 PM
Both buildings and upgrading your ship would function like crafting. Making the actual ship would not be overtly difficult, depending on your willingness to invest in its size or complexity. Upgrading would come by rank-up rewards and perhaps special drops or something.
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# 6
11-17-2012, 11:56 PM
This looks rather similar to another system that was proposed for having player ships that are not locked to a setup.
I believe the devs said they really liked the idea in general but that the game system has issues with the bridge officer slotting changing. Such as ship object A has rookie slotting having player 17474x10 5ths Object A ship change from rookie to VA-tac17's slotting then makes the games system have a durp moment.
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# 7
11-18-2012, 12:20 AM
I don't know what you just said, hroothvitnir, but there's a solution to that: Universal Bridge Officer Stations.
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# 8
11-18-2012, 04:17 AM
This is one of the best ideas I've seen on these forums for a fair while, I'm all fo the idea of crafting ships, my question for you however is: I fly an Excelsior retrofit (T5 C-store ship) Would this system be available to me and if so to what degree?
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# 9
11-18-2012, 06:25 AM
As awesome as this idea is, it'll never happen. Cryptic have already stated that the system they employ for adding ships to the game is too difficult to change due to coding issues. They can't even give us interchangable warp cores because the code is so hard to change.
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# 10
11-18-2012, 06:29 AM
I like this idea very much, but I fear poeple will construct cookie cutter builds and thall be it.
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