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# 1 Can't Assign Skill points.
04-07-2013, 04:21 AM
I have 2 problems, all on KDF side.

1. When i add a new Boff (V-Rare) it shows as a Rare Boff. Don't know if this is just a Graphic's issue and it is still a V-Rare boff, but showing as a Rare???

2. I can only add a certain amount of new skill's, I have tried this Twice, the 1st one let me train 4 new skills, out of the 8 available and the 2nd time only 3. I have over 6million available points, the boffs have been promoted too Commander, I have tried training them with My Character, The Bridge Officer trainer at the Barrack and even buying another boff and using it too train up mine. When i click to add skill points, it waits a few second and resets the points to Zero.

Thanks inadvance.

P.s. Just noticed that it only seems to have this issuse if the Boff has the Efficent trait ???, i have tested 12 Boffs now and only the ones with Efficent are causing the problem.

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