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# 1 An observation.
11-28-2012, 11:10 PM
Ever since S7 has been released the amount of complaints have shot massivly upwards. For every positive thread its outweigh 10 times by ones that complain.

Now im sure this forum is only used by a small persentage of the whole playerbase. If the complaints are an accurate representation of the whole player base. Then It cant be lost on Cryptic they have a mountain to climb to get STO back the fun game it was pre S7.

There is something very very wrong here.
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What made STO such a fun game was it's diversity of play. When something broke, you could always level another way and I appreciated that. After becoming Free-to-Play the helm of this company turned sharply to methods designed to get a gather more numbers and I understood that given today's economic woes. However, the latest conversions seem to be meant to weed out the casual players in favor of the hard core people who literally play this game like a 2nd job. I understand decisions like eliminating quickies from the foundry, but when they went on to take dilithium from B'Tran dailies, that sent a clear message. They've made it almost impossible to keep up with the dilithium demand so for me and my family, that's game over for us. Diversity has always been to key to STO's success and clearly their focus seems to be on corralling how the game is played and what gives their investors more bang for their buck by giving players two simple choices; enjoy the time suck or buy dilithium outright. Once again, thanks to the corporate model that reigns prevalent in today's society, I fear we have lost the game that stood apart for so long.

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