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11-20-2012, 07:31 PM
Breaking the planet actually only gives 640 dil afaik, it takes ages, and I've never actually had a game of it start up when I queue for it. And since I can no longer see if people are queueing up for it, I cant hop onto a game that's going to start. You would have to do it 12 times over to fill your dil quota.

YOu see, that's the problem. You might say "oh there's other sources now" but in terms of time invested per dil earned you are just getting less dil for your play time then you did before.

And BTP a fun scenario but I'd rather play mine trap that gives 0 dil.

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11-20-2012, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by revalah View Post
Oh hey, guess whats in the tribble patch notes for the latest build going up?

Guess what, its not for Tribble anymore.
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Originally Posted by revalah View Post
Breaking the planet actually only gives 640 dil afaik, it takes ages, and I've never actually had a game of it start up when I queue for it. And since I can no longer see if people are queueing up for it, I cant hop onto a game that's going to start. You would have to do it 12 times over to fill your dil quota.

Its a fun scenario but I'd rather play mine trap that gives 0 dil.
Oh right... I USED to give 1440. I forgot it was changed. I've not had issues playing it since S7 started.

I can haz joystick!
MMOs aren't charities. Corporations are supposed to make a profit. It's what they do.
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11-20-2012, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by notoryczny View Post
Guess what, its not for Tribble anymore.
Oh good its on the patch notes for the next patch. Let joy be unconfined.

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11-20-2012, 09:16 PM
This game is going down the toilet. I decided to keep playing this game after Cryptic crossed the line in CO by putting a big update name on a set of customizable overhyped Become devices. I left, but taking advantage of the fact that one of the game's designers happened to be checking out his handiwork in-game, I announced in zone chat I would come back to CO when an update contains more actual content than it contains C-store items. Not only is Cryptic turning this game into a "cow clicker" like Farmville, they spend most of their development time making C-store items, dilithium sinks, and grind-fests, and now the updates are starting to have more of this than actual missions. If Season 8 makes things even worse than this, I may leave STO too.
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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Its worth noting that pre-Season 7, the daily steam users for STO were around 1 thousand, after Season 7 its about 3 thousand. Steam users don't represent the full playerbase, but if that shows a three-fold increase, then its reasonable to assume that - at least for now - Season 7 is not killing the game, and that the servers are far from empty. Facts > Hyperbole.
Three fold increase cause new stuff was added. You can't honestly compare the end of a season population w/ the start of a new one. Try comparing the first month of S6 to first month of S7, or 6th month, or etc. The real proof will be to see how many stick around after the newness wears off.
Sometimes I think I play STO just to have stuff to rant about on the forums!

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I have spent $700 on this game between a lifetime sub for 200 and the the other 500 on lock boxes. I have received NOT ONE rare lockbox ship. Yet when I log on to the game I find it so ridiculously over priced to use or aquire dilithium that I'll HAVE to buy more zen just to convert to dilithium if I need dilithium. I haven't donated to my fleet in over a week, and I hardly play the game now for more than ten minutes a day. I guess I'll log on atleast once or twice a week since I wasted money on a lifetime subscription. You know Cryptic... I paid a lifetime sub for the game as is. Atleast I could buy some zen.. an outfit, or some lock box keys. NOT HAVE TO BUY ZEN TO KEEP DILITHIUM STORES UP! You should have made ONE SMALL CHANGE, then surveyed it to see if it worked. Not screw up everything in some way and tell us to deal with it. Not when some of us have payed you for a "lifetime" and spent hundreds of dollors in six months. You know... you don't have to appease us. And sure.. you don't have to have our permission when you do things.. But I'd sure as heck make sure you aren't going to absolutely ENRAGE your players and cause them not to want to play by changing things YOU ALREADY HAD IN PLACE YOURSELVES!!

Anyway, I may be so bored and/or sick of the grind that I do not play at all in a few weeks. I just wanted to let everyone here know once and for all. BUYING ZEN IS A WASTE. I tested the odds on boxes. 500 lockboxes = NO SHIP. You'd think they'd give you a guarantee after that many boxes you'd get to pick one ship. Cryptic will not get another cent from me. And I hope you are doing the math Cryptic 700 dollars in six months... good lawd I've paid you for about 3 years worth already. I'll be sure to tell everyone I see exactly how you run this game and do my best to keep them from coming.

DOFFs - overpriced now
DOFF recruitment assignment = overpriced now
TWO reputation factions = tedious, time consuming, click click clicking
... and you must gather marks for BOTH factions
STF's = screwed up on loot now.
Starbase - now receive less from players because of the Embassy and TWO rep factions.

the list goes on...
I'm out. Atleast if I watch Star Trek TOS - Kirk won't keep asking me for handouts for shoddy work!
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Haveing read,, some,, of the posts on this thread i feel inclined to throw in my two cents. I am a lifer thats been playing since open beta. I purchased a 1 year sub after playing beta for 20 minutes because i new this game had potiential. Roughly 8 months into my 1 year i bought a lifetime during a sale and have not regretted it. I own ALL fed ships but 4 the game has to offer and have already purchased the ZEN to by the Vetsa SET. Along the way i have bought EVERY costume in the game, as well as ship slots, and costume slots, DOFF slots... my point is,, all those purchases are CHOICES!!! I CHOSE to spend my hard earned money on pixels generated by Cryptic's game engine. I am NOT complaining!!! If i decide to NOT spend another penny on this game,, i WONT spend another penny on this game. THAT is one thing that some people need to realize.. YOU CHOOSE TO SPEND REAL MONEY,, or NOT SPENT REAL MONEY on PIXELS!

YES, Dilthium is a real pain in the arse,, and i COMPLETELY agree the daily refine limit needs to be raised to AT LEAST 10k, perhaps more.. however,, i dont know why there are SOOOO many people complaining about spending REAL money on this game? Dont you people realize that if NO ONE spent any money on this game,, the game would cease to exist? I for one LOVE playing STO,, i have 7 fed characters,, 3 are in " storage" mode at the moment,, because maintaining 7 characters just got to damned annoying.

As far as the GRIND,, I run Space missions on one toon, ground missions on two toons, and combination space and ground on the other toon. Do i have the BEST gear in the game? HELL NO! I dont see the need to get the BEST of everything because there really is no reason for it. If you want the BEST of everything,, and you want the FANCY this and COLORFUL that,, then you CHOOSE to grind or spend real money to GET that gear.

I hope STO is here for a LONGGGG time to come, and I personally think the DEVs are doing a GREAT job because the game has come A LONGGGGGG way since Open BETA almost 3 years ago. It bothers me that there are so many complainers, and nay-sayers on the forums. If i was the EP of this game, and read what the OP had to say,, i would be pretty upset and possible angry! How would YOU like it if you worked you arse off to TRY to make people happy AS WELL as run a bussiness and yet EVERYTIME you put out a new product you got 300 complaints about it,,,, but you sold 50000 units of your product with very few POSTIVE reviews,, people who LIKE something often dont give reviews, but people who DISLIKE something ALWAYS complain!

I dont know if this rants makes any sense,, but it is what it is... now im logging in to run Mine Trap for the first time of many tonight,,, so SHUT UP AND PLAY,, or go away,, either way MAKE A DAMNED CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Three fold increase cause new stuff was added. You can't honestly compare the end of a season population w/ the start of a new one. Try comparing the first month of S6 to first month of S7, or 6th month, or etc. The real proof will be to see how many stick around after the newness wears off.
Stuff=/=content, stuf=stuff. Content is not stuff, stuff is not content.

New Romulus is not L50 quality material, and further, it's not Star Trek, but a reskinned, probably failed, PWE fantasy title 'adjusted' on the cheap to masquerade as content.

The way to tell you're looking at the starting levels of a typical Asian-market Fantasy title:

1. Incompetent Peasants helplessly asking your character to perform....

2. Menial tasks, often involving...

3. Collecting pretty rocks,

4. Rounding up (and training) cute animals,

5. and picking up easily picked up items between fighting hopelessly incompetent 'bad guys'.

New Romulus alone makes the Nagus Dailies look like Shakespeare. there is no STORY here, there are cut-scenes, but those cut-scenes only make minimal sense to one faction, and that sense is truly MINIMAL.

No Story=No Content. It's just "Stuff" and "Grind".

The bugs in the Romulan Rep missions were not noticed on Tribble, because the grind is such nobody GOT THERE before it was taken live.

No Testing=Reduced Quality/No Quality control.

Season 7 has brought us bugs that were resolved in the early parts of Season 6-as in bugs that were already, prior to this season's launch, resolved, reappearing in all their demented glory, including:

Fleet Red Alert: Opfor stops spawning after wave II, results in mission fail after the timer clicks down (reported, addressed/resolved first weekend of S6, it's BAAAACK)

"Second Wave" you can't leave the conference room-takign the turbolift cycles you back into it after the cutscene.(resolved Early S6, it's BAAACK)

"The Voldemort Bug"-all your BOFF powers, even the ones not slotted/appropriate to your ship, appear on your tray and are useable-Vent Plasma III in the Vault, on a Fighter, is truly remarkable here...(resolved early S6, supposedly addressed this patch)

"I can't slot my Boffs" the inverse of the Voldemort Bug, may actually be new-ish. NONE of your Bridge Officers can be slotted.(Season 5 bug, fixed, fixed again this patch)

"THe Punt cycle"-log in, get logged out after 11 or 12 minutes, repeatedly. (S6 bug, fixed second week.)

"THe STF/Fleet Mission Punt Cycle"-game autokicks you (leaving your team one man short), won't let you rejoin because it insists you're already there. (S6, early, fixed first weekend, BACK)

What we got:

1. Elite STFs are...actually Elite-ish. Borg are actually challenging. (massive complaints from everyone used to facerolling them), plus 2 new Borg missions and 3 new "Romulan/Reman" STF-style missions.

2. New Romulus is very...pretty. It's a very pretty map. Wish there was something interesting to do there, but the map is very pretty.

3. Half-finished "Reputation" system so close to a naked resource-grab that it's turned lots of players off, this is supposedly "end Game Content", but it contains zero fun-factor, is an endless grind, and offers as 'rewards' many things that Players USED TO ALREADY HAVE, while requiring them to grind, grind, grind to fill up 'tasks' that are dull, time-gated, and uninteresting, for mediocre rewards that (based on those who've now, long after the Tribble Testing ended, finally reached Tiers where such things are available) don't seem to actually WORK.

4. Pink, yappy dog icons. Like a tribble with legs, or another barking **** factory. Like a Poke' mon, you can collect and train them, level them, etc...but they're still little barking **** factories-the kind my housecat (well, more of a barn-cat really) beats and terrorizes whenever he gets the chance.
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Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
There I changed it. Happy now?
I have to disagree with your post, Unless you have a Masters In Business Management, But STO is first and Formost a Business. Which takes precidence over everything else.

If the business is not making money, it shuts down. Yes some of the business changes suck, but does it really suck or is everyone just resistant to change.

PWE isnt making changes to break your bank, to steal your wallet, if you think that, stop buying in game items. I know plenty of people that buy lock boxes, get lock box ships, and c store ships from dilithium conversion, and "Grinding" as you would. people that make you think "**** you must have spent a fortune" But no. just lucky in the lock box gamble.

PWE Isnt oblivious to what we want in the game, but you dont run a business, they have a team doing it, and its not simple to balance what the business needs to what the players want. PWE isnt trying to break the game or forcing you all to quit, change just takes getting used to. Personally, I dont mind the changes at all. if it takes longer to farm dilithium to finish projects. so be it, it just means im going to play the game longer.

Im quite happy taking 3 months to farm dilithium that used to take 2 months. but thats just me. as for fleet projects. if your having trouble filling them, you should have made a bigger fleet, or joined a bigger one. it seems pretty straight forward to me.

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