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There are a lot of ways to play STO, I suppose, but I know that I and others are (were) dedicated to only one, that being the daily Elite STF pug grind.

In S6 and before, I'd average 2-6 eSTFs per character (I have only 3 50s) per day. Between the 1100 dilithium ore per STF and the drops in each one, I'd make my daily cap of 24K ore in a few hours, depending on the pugs.

I also voiced my dissatisfaction about the removal of the dil from STFs: doing so utterly eliminated (because of the lack of dilithium Fleet Actions) the relevance of space endgame content on KDF side, and the Omega system is essentially development for more content in the omega system. You're grinding a rep grind to better grind a rep grind; the reward is the grind. The reward used to be dilithium.

STFs are no longer fun. Without drops, there's no surprise, no endorphin surge at all. Without that, it's pointless. (Hive even moreso; I've never had a bigger waste of time in my life, and I know a thing or two about wasting time.)

The store now sells you, through a terribly-designed and extremely long rep grind and dilithium, the gear that, last week, you were able to obtain through drops. Drops were removed, and now you have guaranteed rewards. There is a difference; drops are fun, rewards are perfunctory. (Yes, I was playing this game for fun.)

I cannot name an MMO that took the current top-tier gear and made it more difficult to obtain. I have never before seen this paradigm of making base content less accessible, let alone the fact that it's not even raising the top tier.

I'm assuming that the realization that the KDF space-side was ruined because of the last-minute S7 changes was the reason they moved the dil back from FAs to STFs. I'm probably wrong.

The bottom line was that STFs were fun because of the random drops, which were gear if you had a new Captain, and dilithium if you were playing for awhile.

No drops means no fun.

You can try to prove with math that the S7 changes are better, but you apparently didn't take into account the damage the S7 release changes would do to KDF space side (not a huge part of your sales, but a significant one), so your math would be on its face invalid, and obviously it didn't take into account the fun of random drops.

I can't say what percentage of Captains played STO strictly for the STF dilithium grind. With all the options STO has, I can't imagine it'd be greater than 10%. Hopefully, you can make up that deficit with new players who like the reflexive mindless grind of dailies on NR and Nukara.

Since this change affects both ground and space end-level content the same way, this seems to me like the opposite of what SOE did to SW:G and the accessibility of Jedi, and that's the only comparison in MMOs (of which I'm aware) that even comes close.
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11-17-2012, 04:14 PM
The Reputation endgame loot system really is a strange and unique system they use. I hope it works out. But it is risky.

I checked today a game ... lets say it has the letters of Gravity Well 2... and 1 instance run gives 90 marks there. (3 bosses a 30marks) And 1 equipment piece costs 270 or 360. So you do an instance 4 times and you get and endgame equipment item. No time gate, No dilithium gate. And not 10 times the instance runs. Also you get tonnes of random loot.

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