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11-18-2012, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by nynik View Post
or neither... because private queues are bugged and they are the basis with which that channel -primarily- formed groups
Incorrect they were dead before Private Q's got disabled. In addition you have always been able to form a private team and join the public queue, in essence we still have exactly the same functionality anyway, so using the idea that Private Q's being disabled is the reason for the drop off is completely wrong.
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11-18-2012, 11:01 AM
Heres my thoughts on TD:

1: My enjoyment of S7 is a tad skewed as Im having a lot of fun with my Vesta 3 pack.

2: New Romulus: I played practically every ground mission day 1. I skipped the bunny chasing, as by the time I worked myself to it, I was grinded out after spending several hours in game that day. What I love the most about NR is seeing everyone's BO with them. Feels like my first day in STO on that tutorial mission. I loved jogging along and lending a helping hand to others trying to defeat Tholians or something. Something about me and my BO helping you and your BO I really get an extra kick out of. It also made me write in the full names of my BOs in their biography line, so if others clicked on my BO, they see more than just the nickname and they see what role they have on my ship. I never bothered filling in that section before, I do now, as I like seeing others BOs and what theyve done to create them. It also makes me bring a different BO down to NR every visit to show them off.

The ground grind missions arent fun enough to want to repeat, and I too just get my marks from Space FAs. Mine Trap was a tad confusing first impression, and not feeling a desire to go back. Dan, I think you just need to hire me as a fun consultant, as I can out dream up fun over your content designers.

Im hoping those missions I was locked out of provide more fun than the opening missions. This new adventure zone totally wastes the size and terrain of the map. When I was AFK, eating a snack, I perched myself on a high building ledge overlooking the area where you kill suspicious Romulans. As I had my character crouched up on that ledge, another player came by to kill a suspicious Rommy. With food in one hand, I had my captain fire his gun from on high for the assist kill. That was fun I thought. What this place needs is a mission where we have to stay perched up on cliffs. Lets say every few minutes some wild beasts come running down from a mountain range to go feed on Romulans. There are three canyon passage ways to chose from, and you never know which one will have the thickest pack running through it. We lay in wait, perched on high. Here they come! You have to kill as many as possible before they can reach the city. You pick a place to perch at the starting point, and have to run along with the pack as you shoot them down. Near the end of the canyon run, theres a river crossing and trees that have fallen over to act as bridges to jump across, and provide a running and jumping challenge. If you should misstep and fall into the river below, your fellow hunters have to shoot the beasts off you as they attack you. Since I forget if BOs can be told to stand still AND shoot, maybe they can be told to stand still at a campsite while you go hunting along the cliffs. I dont want this as a separate instance, I want it to be open, the way the animals already turn on us there, and if a few make it out of the canyon run and reach the city, the Captains there finish them off.

I walked behind the giant octopus. I was disappointed there was no hidden cave hideout behind it past the waterfall. Romulans/Remans/Vulcans love cave dwellings. Had I been laying out that map, Id have a archaeological depository or monastery on a high hill top overlooking the adventure zone. The site would have two entrances, climb the hillside outside, or go behind Mr Octupus, behind the waterfall, through a little catacomb of tunnels that ascend up to the site, while fighting off bat like creatures you have to shoot off you if you pick the wrong route. I liked the nooks and crannies to find stuff in, but they were still lazily designed with stuff seemingly hidden yet still basically in plain site.

The problem with the Cryptic content designers is that no one has an eye for genuine fun it seems. The NR ground map should have been designed to be fun and exciting to just stand around in and let things happen to you even without accepting a grindy mission. Then you design FUN grind, where players finish it and say Hell Yeah, I want to go back for more!

There needs to be a white whale type creature that randomly spawns anywhere on the map once an hour that offers fat loot to the Captain and his BO that can get the most dps into it. A loot so fat, everyone wants to drop what they are doing and chase after it.

In closing, I can redream up every corner of that map and make people think fun before they think grind. Tons of map potential wasted.
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11-18-2012, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
I'm sitting in New Romulus right now, and people are doing Gorn jokes, and chat is busy, the instance are full...both Ds9 and New Romulus are doing well.
would them joke be about KDF and VA geting rock for that all that was joke about on Day one of season 7
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Originally Posted by macronius View Post
This! Their ability to outdo their own failures is quite impressive. If only this power could be harnessed for good.

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