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Ok Folks;

I've got 2580 Cstore (cashed in dilthium from dilthium exchange tanking).

now i have a tough problem and I'm in need of some advice.

I have 3 toons (2 fed (science and tac)) and a kdf engineer (more dps focused, although Icould respec him more pure engineer).

I have purchased armitage for my tac and I love it.

I need something for either my science captian or kdf.

here are my considerations.

Atrox carrier for science (although I'm put off by less than 10 consoles) but everytime i see one it kicks butt.

the vesta class looks cool, but am stuck with should I get the trio or just one.

I like the kar'fi carrier for kdf but don't know...

I understand that pretty much every ship is good for every captian type but there are enjoyments out of each.

I am really looking for some feedback on what your expereinces on those two classes and cstore.

here is the deal, I don't pvp, I pve, romulan dailies, stf's flying around the galaxy doing fun stuff..PVP is like the last thing i do if i'm really bored.

I look forward to all you captians feed back.

cheers and fly safe,

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11-17-2012, 04:49 PM
It's hard to tell people what ship they'd like.

Personally all my love goes out to the carriers - I grinded my way to an atrox only to find out the kling side has a free carrier with dual heavy cannons
So if nothing else make sure you do your homework lmao

Anyway I still love both especially because they are the two physically biggest ships in the game.
But I wouldn't expect anyone except me to think like that.

From what I gather you unlock the ship for every toon of the same faction on the account (never saw it myself, only have 1 toon of each faction), so I'd probably consider getting a ship the 2 feds can use.

If you are thinking about an atrox just know that it's not a dps monster albeit great for zombie grinding while you watch tv simply sending the fighters in.
It's also semi versatile in that you can have "tank" fighters healing your shields in oppose to dps or use tractor beam pets to control. So you can change your gameplay quite a lot just swapping those out.

However anyone thinking about getting a carrier I'd say roll a kling and get one for free, see if you like it and if you do chances are you'd not want to give your cannons for 2500 zen over in the atrox.

But it also depends on what kind of build you like, if you like using sci abilities or tac abilities or if you are crazy enough to want to tank.

It's also hard to advice you on ship designs, it's subjective what you find pretty and lastly their mobility, some people absolutely hate the carrier for its lack of turnrate.
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11-17-2012, 04:55 PM
Yeah I totally get that everyone plays different, i'm just looking for some feedback on some experiences in the pve roll, yes I know kdf get free carrier boo to that, I totally missed that one out when leveling my kdf, I guess i could grind out 120K and buy one...don't think it would take that long (cheaper than 2500 zen).

Thanks for your response, I do appreciate it.

Any others?
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11-17-2012, 05:00 PM
I really enjoyed the Vo'Quv KDF side. It doesn't turn all that well but that is one of its strengths. You sit there and beat the crap out of everything. With Sci's being your min focus, I'd say go for the Vesta pack. The Sci oriented version will be better suited for your Sci, the Eng version is in my opinion the best one of them all, and there's the Tac version also if you want a Sci ship with some DPS.
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11-17-2012, 05:26 PM
Well for pve in general I'd say you can get away with practically anything.

Worst case scenario when playing with rookies you bring repulsor beams to defend, I don't think there is a single ship in the game that can't load those.

To be useful for the team or for yourself getting the optionals you could say go for max dps.

Another thing I forgot to mention is you might also want to think about what the particular character is spec'd for.

But same point as before though, in the end it's all about what design you like and what type of gameplay.

Like right now I am thinking about someday getting the kling guramba just for the transformer sound effect and animation because you can sit in space an spam it in front of others.
Consider you will have to look at the ship for a lot of hours too
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11-17-2012, 05:32 PM
buy dilithium, you're gonna need it with all those alts.
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11-17-2012, 05:37 PM
Well if you are considering an atrox but already have a KDF eng, don't. Eng is also a great class to use carrier, and KDF has much better options, the $25 atrox is almost identical to the free Voquv in stats with slightly different boff layout, and the Karfi is a much better carrier for only $20.

I haven't tried a Vesta but I am sure $25 spent on that is better deal then for Atrox, don't pay for a ship that has free ship stats lol.

Besides Vesta and Karfi being good choices, Bortasqu would also be a good choice for KDF eng, I use both Command and tac bortasqu on my eng and tac and love it. It has turnrate of voquv and atrox though but very durable and more firepower then other cruisers.

Besides that also don't forget the varius fleet ships, many good choices out there.
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11-17-2012, 07:34 PM
Avoid the Atrox unless you want something that turns like a beached whale covered in molasses on a winter's day, and has horrible damage potential to boot. If you want a sci ship on the Fed side your best bet would be the Vesta 3 pack, or buy master keys then sell them on the exchange for a Wells or Recluse. Avoid the Orb Weaver as it has a horrible turn rate for a pure Sci ship, unless you don't mind the bad turn rate then it's a decent ship. Wells is all around great, and if you just like Carriers the Recluse comes with a universal Commander slot and is just plain superior to the Atrox in every way.

Kar'Fi is a good choice for KDF, but honestly you'd get almost as much use out of the Vo'Quv, though the Kar'Fi's hangar pets do more damage than what you'd get otherwise.
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11-17-2012, 07:43 PM
For your fed science character

The fleet recon science ship is a solid choice
I love mine

I just bought a vesta 3 pack and so far I am very
Disappointed with it but I haven't finished trying out
All 3 ships

I mainly pve 99%

At this time I would not recommend the vesta
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11-17-2012, 07:46 PM
Are you a free player or a subscriber?

I would suggest you load your characters onto tribble. On tribble those ships are free so you can try them out before you buy them and just see what they are like.
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