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Ok Explain way i can do this Duty Officer Mission on some Captains but not all of them i have not seen one single mission on some of my toons and it is really annoying that only some can do them and all so what i seem to see is that i have no idea when this pop's up at all.

All of my Captains are past level 10 so i should be able to see this mission on all of them even though i can not this has been bugging me for a while now.

There are timers on the left bottom of the UI screen one is for the Sector updates timer and one for the Shipboard update timer.

What do they do??? I have no clue.
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11-17-2012, 06:48 PM
The first (sector) tab of assignments shows the assignments available to the sector block or ground zone you're in. These assignments are the same for everyone (unless you've done one of them recently, in which case they won't display till a lockout period has passed) and change randomly once every four hours. This is what the first clock is counting down to.

The second (personal) tab of assignments shows the assignments available only to you and your ship. They are specific to you, reset once an hour (second timer), and it means your alts will see a different list of assignments on the personal tab. Which in turn means Confiscate Contraband won't be up for all your alts simultaneously.

The department heads tab has just that, your department heads, access to the doff assignments carried by the officers onboard your vessel. These are also unique to you, but when you visit your bridge you can invite people to your ship, and while they're there, they can access those same assignments.

So did you recently hack and steal that account, or did you really manage to rack up 276 posts without noticing there's a duty officer system?

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11-17-2012, 07:02 PM
The Real Question here is about the Conficate Contraband from crew mission

Not the Turn in Contraband to the Security Officers at the star bases.

The Question here is how come some of my captains can Conficate Contraband from crew But others cant.I have not seen this mission on some and others i have not seen them on at all.For months now.

And i know about the Department head section.

And to your ?? No i did not steal this account it is my account and i am a life sub from beta testing just be cause i have low posting does not mean i am a hacker and means i do not post as much as you be cause i normally find the answers my self.And i only ask when needed.

I have been playing since 6/8/11

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Note the smiley. It was a joke. Not a pissing contest. I merely meant to say you have a reasonably high postcount, not a low one. (In my opinion, anyway, considering these new forums only track the last six months. Though there are people with 1000s, in whose case I would understand such questions: Clearly they would have no time left, to spend in game, at all.)

I did not mention Turn In Contraband.

And I did answer your question.

Confiscate Contraband from Crew is a personal assignment. It shows up randomly for your captains, meaning that it won't show up for all of them at the same time. If you haven't seen the assignment for months on some, I don't know how often you checked, you might've been unlucky, you might've encountered a bug, or (and this is in the "Is your computer plugged in" checklist) you might have completed the assignment on one of the alts in question, but never cleared it from their completed assignments list, meaning it would not show up again until you had. These are all the options I can think of, in order of most to least likely.

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