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So, reading through threads, I'm seeing (and agreeing with them) that rep is just a grind and becomes a bore rather quickly.

Now, I'm no map maker. I'm not a coder/developer or what-have-you. But, here's an idea to help (at the very least) reduce the monotony of the reputation system;

Instead of simply running STFs and gathering (rep) marks, why not introduce missions specific to advancing said tier of said rep? And leave the grinding of marks for purchasing (unlocking) the desired gear?

* Marks changed into a currency used to purchase goods from their respective reputation faction.

* Each tier of rep would have it's own mission(s).
- 2-3 for T1
- 4-5 for T2
- 6-8 for T3
- Etc.

* Completion of mission grants a percentage of the required reputation experience to advance in tier and a small (20-50) stipend of reputation specific marks and maybe a smaller (5-15) stipend of fleet marks or a sum (10k-50k) of energy credits.

* Creates a chance to expand on the story-arcs relevant to the reputation.

- Romulan Reputation:
+ Missions to fend off Tholian/Tal Shiar attacks
+ Missions to gather data on New Romulus atmosphere/wildlife/plantlife/geology
+ Missions gathering materials for building structures/agriculture
+ Missions to rescue captured members of the Romulan Republic

A lot of this can even be done on New Romulus instead of making new maps. Have the missions that people currently do on NR actually have an impact on their reputation with NR, with the Red Alerts having a higher impact on said reputation gain.

- Omega Reputation:
+ Missions to find research on the Borg
+ Missions to gather materials for developing weapons/armor/devices (possibly even rewarding a small number of devices)
+ Missions to fend off Borg attacks/invasions (Defera, for example)
+ Missions to investigate loss of communication with settlements/colonies/cultures
Some of this can even be done on Defera, thereby reducing the amount of new content required and simply making Defera runs more worth-while.

- Nukera Reputation: (Haven't bothered with it yet, so I don't know what the faction is about)

* STFs currently in place can be turned into unlockable dailies rewarding faction marks (100-200) for completing

This would create truer end-game content, alleviate the complaints of monotony and even show players -why- they are gaining reputation with the relevant faction. As with any other mission: these could be played solo, or played with a team of other players possibly granting more rewards.

Anyone else have any ideas in regards to missions for gaining faction reputation?

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