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06-05-2013, 11:50 AM
You have been allowed to create your own STF (New one)

For this STF, you will need

Enemy: Undine or Borg (let the Iconians take their necessary steps first)

Your imagination (also please specify space and/or ground)

For mine!

10 MAN GAME (2x5 player teams)

You are called to defend a scientific base and colony and the outskirts of the Federation. When you warp in from your rendezvous *cutscene -with VO-* with the other players you see the Borg have taken over the base, and there is nothing you can do. Before you can react, a borg task force approach, equiped with their latest new ship, A dodecahedron. *end cutscene*. Battle. *Cutscene* You notice that a heavily armoured Borg ship approaches the base, but you notice something unusual, it does not have many offensive weaponry. It transports (something) onto the base then self-destructs before you arrive to assist. The assimilated Sensor platforms surrounding the once allied base start turning on. You realise what they are attempting to do. If they take this system ... they would have a strategic hole in your defence, one which hurts both the Feds and the Klingons. They are attempting to phase them selves out of our space. They would have perfected ... GHOST technology, in which the ship then can phase in and out of our existence, at will, firing to destroy/defend then phasing out to dodge incoming fire. *end cutscene* This is bad ... once again you must destroy the Borg, yet at the same time try and destroy the sensor probes. But beware, the Borg are not going to let you lose easily. They have an orbital weapons platform which can severely damage/disable ship from a range of 20 km. Slow to fire, but deadly. Once you have successfully destroyed all 4 sensors. 1 team must transport down into the base, and turn off the orbital platform + gateway and stop a the borg science "team" from mastering the technology. All while the space team defend the base, of which the Borg now know could be a liability When the ground team go deeper, they realise this research base was experiment on getting to the same phase variance of the Devidians and when the borg got there, they instantly saw the use. While the space team in guarding the base, the ground team have to switch phases between Devidians phase to stop them and our own reality to stop the borg. After about 5 minutes of sabotaging / guarding the town teams rejoin to space. *cutscene* They unfortunately realise something. An entire cloaked building station had just been discovered. They were making a prototype Ghost sphere. *end cutscene* Your team must hack into the release latch mechanism to stop the borg from making any improvements to the sphere (again while being defensive). Your team completes the task and has to face off this mega powerful/defensive sphere.

The end
Hopefully I'll come back from my break; this break is fun; I play intellectual games.

I hope STO get's better ...
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06-05-2013, 12:11 PM
this has both a space and a Ground element


"Captain your ship is one of the few to have regularly engaged the borg and survived We need you and a small task force to punch a hole in Borg lines around planet PI221 and Deliver a landing party To each of four locations.
The Bio dome , The Power plant , The Atmospheric processor and the Habitat.
Be advised this planet is a class five death world."

Mission the fleet arrives to find the planet ringed by Six full size cubes (immobile)
And a swarm of spheres (3) per cube.
Spheres continue to spawn until the cube producing them is downed.
The team has exactly 10 minutes to clear the cubes to allow them to beam down the teams to all four locations to get the optional.
If they can not do it in 10 minutes they can still succeed by cleaning out the borg for a reduced reward.

Thats the EASY bit

The ground map has the above mentioned four locations each swarming with borg

"Captain we have been issued nano viral weaponary which we believe will destroy the borg
But it must be inserted into the atmospheric processor.
Before that can be done the Habitats scrubber must be taken off line to prevent automatic clearing of the virus.
The Power plant Must remain online until all operations are completed.
But most importantly the Bio dome Must be breached its purified air would protect the borg within long enough for them to adapt.
Good luck Captain"

The mission
The Team beams down with a bridge officer each as back up
A large message appears on screen "Activate and test team comms channel now"
anyone who does so can proceed
Anyone who does not will not get ANY reward and will in the event of failure get the blame (in large yellow letters like the ship awards)
The map has the four locations
The team HAS to split up
someone must keep the powerplant active (against infinately respawning low grade borg)
Someone must deactivate the scrubber
Someone must breach the bio dome with subspace munitions

Optional fails if the power plant goes down before the nanovirus is deployed
When (if) virus is deployed all borg still on map disolve into a puddle of slime and components
with "I am melting" visuals

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