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Each of those races has 3 ships, and they add up to 4500 zen for Gorn/Orion ships and 5000 zen for Nausicaan ones. What about offering them in a bundle for say, 3000-3400 zen, consistent with the 33% discount for buying the Vesta/Flagship packs?

With three of those you get a nice set of consoles/fighters at level 50, and you can also level up a Gorn/Orion/Nausicaan captain using their own ships, which is pretty cool by itself. I suppose it is also a way of making up some KDF content without actually making any new content.

Any thoughts?
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11-17-2012, 05:42 PM
Make it an even 3500 and throw in a single new costume piece for each race in each bundle. Orions get a new skimpy top and some non-pointy boots, Nausicaans get a new chest armor style, Gorn get a new leather harness. Some extra fluff might help it sell better, since KDF ships are historically not great sellers (due to low population which they'd fix by adding content which they can't justify without players which they'd have if they added content which they can't justify without [ad nauseum]...)

You could totally leverage the costume bits in their own pack, too. Make it like 700 zen for all three rolled into a set for people like me who already have all three Orion ships and don't wanna pay 3500 for a bikini and boots.
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11-17-2012, 07:24 PM

Because it's KDF.

KDF is not entitled to anything exclusive from the C-Store after the Bortas.


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