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11-25-2012, 10:20 AM
Heck I'd heavily consider swapping out of a Recluse for a Fed Kar'fi (that didn't look as ugly, although 'Borgified kar'fi' look kind of amusing in an odd way. But I love the kar'fi's 'unique' hangar pets. I won't give up the Kar'fi I have on my KDF sci alt 'storage mule' that I break out to test new KDF content.

I do think an Omega Rep 'attack drone' style hangar pet would be awesome, fighter-sized Exocomp attack units with anti-hacking stuff to keep borg from hacking them... Let's see the Borg Assimilate those. They sort of already exist in a fashion, the Bio-neural Warheads, just turn them into fighters that probably only pull a suicide run at low health instead of as primary attack, and probably not as powerful a boom either.

Heck I wouldn't be against some way of allowing a form of the Tholian Widow Fighter on Non-Recluse ships while also allowing the Stalker fighters on ships other than the Atrox... Maybe T5 Starbases will allow for new hangar pets.

On a less than serious side-note, can we launch Tacos and cereal boxes out of our hangers? Or maybe have them as non-combat pets in space, holographic disguises anyone? Why look like an Adult Gekli when we could look like a Giant Taco or Cereal box, or a starship sized Spoon (I'm sure Q would find it all rather amusing), we can have epic food fights in Space... maybe reenact the food fight from Animal House.
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11-29-2012, 02:30 AM
After some break I've played a bit yesterday with my Vesta and I need to say - if not more variety, then at least a buff to some of the existing pets is necessary.

I've been testing Type 10 shuttles. These things' performance is laughable. It's basically a fighter with a phaser array instead of peregrine's dual cannons and torpedos. Polarize Hull feature, which was supposed to make the shuttles a bit more sturdy, is completely poinless, as the pets have about 2500 HP total, so they'll blow up fast due to a sneeze regardless if PH is used or not.

Then I've checked my Kar'Fi using Advanced Slavers. In comparason with Type-10 shuttles they've got twice as much base HP, fly twice as fast, and in addition of their disruptor beam they also drop quantum mines, steal crew and may steal you some commodities or EC. And slavers aren't the best thing out there to begin with...

Come on Cryptic, with the increasing focus on Federation carrier-type ships you should really look into both the existing pets and their performance, as well as consider introducing something new for bigger variety of choice.
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11-29-2012, 03:08 AM
Dreadnaught hangar pets... just saying.

though it would be nice if the pets all fit into the same kind of classification as the ships do.

as is I'm not sure what role a shuttle is supposed to play other than "get rid of annoying crewmen".

Be nice to have fighter/bomber/Gunship sorts of vehicles.

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11-29-2012, 07:50 AM
what about a Yellowstone runabout pet ?

306 degree phaser
Photon Torpedo
Eject Tetryon Plasma

could be a nice addition to the pets hangar and might make a nice addition to the Federation Carrier its not like we dont already have runabout pets and this would just be a logical choice of using something ALREADY in game for another Federation Carrier type Pet
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11-29-2012, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
what about a Yellowstone runabout pet ?
That would be awesome. Apply a yellowstone skin over the default Runabout pet use same base stats but change out the Tractor beam skill for Eject Warp Plasma and you'd be done, might not even need to tweak the AI, although it would be best if you at least updated the AI to handle when to use Eject Warp Plasma instead of using it when it would want to tractor beam...

I really like that idea.

Can we also get the Timeshuttle as hangar pets? And maybe those ferengi shuttles with there 'super shields' (they might actually work like the Type 10 shuttle was meant to).
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11-29-2012, 11:49 AM
While a Yellowstone might be a cool addition, any kind of pet dropping death clouds of any kind would just be bad news. In a game that already has problems when there are too many particle effects on screen at once, toss in theoretically 8 clouds at once just from one carrier? Wouldn't end well, and thats even before you bring up stuff like griefers.
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11-29-2012, 12:15 PM
I see your point I was merely putting it out there as a suggestion since we ALREADY have the yellowstone in game it just made sense.... dont want those couds of death ? ok how about using the Yellowstone as an Armed Boarding Parties thing similar to but not quite like the Orion raiders ?
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I have never trusted humans, and I never will
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12-04-2012, 02:34 AM
Personally I don't see the point for the Type 10 shuttles since we already have the Peregrin Fighers and the Stalkers that fill the small attack role. Now we also have the Scorpion fighters falling into that role too.
We also have the Danube and Delta covering beam weapon ships.

It would kind of be cool to see the shuttles have one of the roles like main ships, and then have some customization to them. So you can have the three times of hangers, science, tactical and whatever a cruiser equivalent would be.
Each ship gets a couple of options that you can assign to them, so you could equip them kind of like your shuttles. You give them their weapon or two, a skill to use that fits their ship type, and then an ai option for how they should act in combat. (IE hit and run, swarm, debuff/support.)

Perhaps that a bit complicated, but I like variety. Even if I do something horribly, I like the fact that I can choose to do that.

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