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*EDIT* maybe its a little strong to say Dictator here on the forums...but It still feels like a template in game that screams "U NO PAY U NO PLAY"

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11-18-2012, 01:25 PM
Wow a company editing their own boards... disgraceful.

They want to see feedback so they allow it. But not threads insulting them, I wonder why.

They own it, they can do what they like.
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11-18-2012, 01:32 PM
My fleet has simular opinions. Yeah this is no longer the game for me. Atlantica and others will have fun.

Plus 2 days to planetside 2.
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All my posts (about 800 in total iirc) have been wiped twice on the Blizzard forums and I'm one step away from getting a permanent ban on the US as well as the EU forums. No matter how bad you may think things are, they are always worse somewhere else.

Calling someone with power a dictator is just asking for it, though.
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11-18-2012, 01:48 PM
Actually I tend to think the forum moderation isn't too bad here. I've been able to voice my complaints without moderation and what moderation I have seen has run both ways for complaints and defenses alike when they've gotten out of hand.

And even if they were bad, it's their forums.
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11-18-2012, 01:51 PM
Said it before. I'll say it again:

Freedom of speech does NOT exist in a private venue. Your posting constitutes agreement to PWE Terms of Service and Community Rules and Policies.

Yeah, it's their house and their rules. Don't like it, there's a whole rest of the internet to post your gripes. Roast PWE over a slow grill if you care to.
Just don't do it in their own house, because they can do something about it.

And, as stated in another eerily similar thread: Be glad this isn't, say, the Square Enix official forums. For making comments or posts "that are detrimental to Square Enix or place the company in a negative light", you can be banned from the forums AND the game.
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Originally Posted by lewstelamon01 View Post
Freedom of speech does NOT exist in a private venue.
No-one in this thread has claimed otherwise.
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Tell me where "Freedom of Speech" - without consequences - exists anywhere?

There is no country in the world that has "freedom of speech" - In America your speech is limited unless you want to go to jail

You can't stand outside the white house and say "I plan to kill the President" - well you could but then you would have many guys in black suits and guns up side your head in a few minutes

then you would spend the next few years in jail thinking about - "why did I open my big mouth and say that" - you could appeal it up to the Supreme court and they would uphold your threatening conviction

There is no true "freedom of speech"

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^^^ haha yeah and the limited from of freedom of speech described above is only from the government. I can still punch someone in the head if I don't like what they are saying. The crime for it is not a violation of someone's free speech, but assault. Generally after asking their friends what just happened, they get the idea that speech is not always free.

It's a stupid forum... I wish they would delete all the OMG my intel card sux fix it fix it threads.
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I fail to see 'u no pay, u no play' in this game. F2P games will always have incentive to pay, that's how they make money. So there are a lot of advantages to paying for things in the game, from c-store items to dilithium. But players can play just fine without paying.

The problem is some people think they should complain because they don't want to grind OR pay, but they still think they should have everything they want in the game. No one said F2P means you get everything you want without cost. It just means you can enjoy the game without paying, but perhaps enjoy it more with paying. If the grind is too much for you, consider if your reasons for grinding are really worth it. A lot of people enjoy the game without needing hundreds of thousands of dilithium, and plenty of people can afford to shell out for some extras.

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