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11-18-2012, 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
That is exactly it.

Now what I don't get, is why you're acting like that's a bad thing. If you're a big, though, superintelligent and whatnot Elite STFer, just, you know, generally superior, why is playing dressup so important to you? Showing your elite status can be done by other means. Titles are way less likely to get your awesomeness called into question than some shiny suit...

People want the costumes cause they'd like to customize their characters, even if they're not RPers (who, really, have no business wearing full tactical getup, complete with an airtight helmet, into Quarks, unless they're fumigating the place) they often have this idea of what their character does in Starfleet that may or may not make the M.A.C.O. armor suitable for them. It's not that unusual. And as for the K.H.G. stuff... The K.D.F. has very little in costume customization options, within and without the C-store. The concentration of people who would want that unlock, for reasons other than peacocking, is even (and understandably) higher still there.

There are 0 other uniform unlocks that can be earned through similar systems. Yes, there's a token jacket at level 40, and yes, there's some diplomatic options that the doff system made almost as easy to obtain, but no, the Lobi slotmachines and veteran awards don't even come close to it. There's no such reward for completing all storyline missions. There's no such reward for doing 500 Foundry missions, or creating 5. (Is there some kind of prize for making the spotlight?) PvP? Hell no. You bothered to get all the academy lore datachips? Great! Here's nothing. Not even a title on this one.

I understand the STF people think they are super special, but they're really not. They're people with too much time on their hands, like the rest of us who play online games, and who merely choose to run different content than other players, over and over again, using tactics and builds other people worked out for them two days after the content was released, complaining about all the people who didn't major in Assimilated Strategies at the University of Youtube, and have thus far been lucky to get a shiny to go with their diploma. No. Give the shiny to the guy who invented the 10% rule for you. 95% of you are really in no position to strut.

Anyway, I'm not against prestige items, but I do think if you're going to have them, have them for different things. There needs to be more than just the one choice. And until there are, exclusivity will have to take a backseat. Though even then, you'll always have people doing things they don't want to do, and doing them badly, cause they really want that particular shiny, for whatever reason.

And just for the record, while I wouldn't use the system myself (I stopped doing normal mode 500 STFs ago*) I don't think a project exchanging 100 Omega Marks for a Borg Neural Processor is out of bounds. Seems like a very sensible thing to do.

* On my main anyway. You would not want to be subjected to some of my alts in ESTFs.
It's quite simple really. The raider mentaility has two parts. They want the best stuff. They want all other rewards to be inferior.
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11-18-2012, 07:22 PM
Yeah the irony of it is pretty awesome.

Hey everyone here is a system that supports casual play and give people an easier time to old gear allowing you to play what you want.

I think they should just open the whole thing up if you ask me. Let people buy everything for cash if they want.
Willing to pay 200 bucks for t5, go for it, borg marks, fleet marks, whatever.

After they opened up stf for cash purchase might aswell. Sure lock the grinders up but cash people need their rewards I say. I have no idea why cash people should be locked behind a gate for f2p'ers for 3 months. Wasn't dilithium supposedly a time currency...
Maybe they figured people would buy other stuff while waiting on permission to buy stf gear I don't know
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11-23-2012, 07:08 AM
I agree with the last poster. Ihave arthrtis very bad aand I cannot move my ship around as I like. I get killed every time I do an elite. So how about a break Cryptic? Think of a way to earn processors that is not so difficult. Please?

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11-23-2012, 07:55 AM
As someone who has run the Elites many, many times and that has full Omega/MACO/KHG Mk XII space and ground sets on all 3 of my characters, I have a question:

In order to get the complete set of costume options and titles you have to get the Elite optionals on Infected, Cure and Khitomer Accord space and ground - and Infected Ground is the hardest of the lot to achieve - every time I've made that optional (and I've lost it many more times than I've gotten it), every team member knew the rules, was properly geared up and pulled their weight.

If you have even one team member that's unfamiliar with Infected or can't contribute then you're extremely unlikely to get the IGE optional - heck, every time I have gotten it it's been literally with seconds to spare.

Whatever you may think about the old random drop system for Proto Tech, to my mind, those that have the Omega Force Shadow Operative title truly earned it.

So my question is this: is it just the shiny armor and the helmets? Because you can get those now just by running ISE ad-nauseum. Or, when you finally get your Mk XII ground set and realise there's players with titles you don't have and costume pieces you don't have, are you going to ask for an easy way to get those too?
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11-23-2012, 08:02 AM
Elite STFs don't require uber gear to complete - but they do have some other requirements;
components to heal your ship injuries when you get killed,
a sensible build,
some teamwork and tactics/co-ordination,
situational awareness.

Unfortunately the game does not teach players how to build their ships effectively or work with others to achieve common objectives, and the majority of players will not take the time to actively seek ways to master the game's mechanics.

At the moment, the borg NPC's damage output is bugged (and borticus is trying to fix this atm) so people struggling with the difficulty level of elite STFs since S7 was introduced might well find that the problem resolves itself before they have progressed far enough in the rep system to need the neural processors.
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11-23-2012, 08:35 AM
That sounds like a use for the crafting system. Take huge quantities of the Borg crafting materials that already drop on Defera, infuse them with some Omega Marks and rare particle traces, and boom.
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11-23-2012, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by conundrumnsa View Post
How would people feel about an alternate method of earning Born Neural Processors? Currently the only way to get them is Elite STFs. A lot of people don't like least not the elite ones. This also means they are likely not good at them. Forcing them into them to get the games best goodies is a diservice to both them and the regulars who do enjoy ESTFS. I'd like to see a way we could earn them an alternate way, such as turning in 100 Omega Marks for one BNP. ESTF players would still be able to get them far faster, but it would provide an alternate means for the non-uber.

And to answer the inevitable question "Y U NEED MK XII IF U NO ESTF???!!!"

Because we want them. Besides, don't tell us you only use them in ESTFS.
So I'm curious about your master plan. You want an alternate way to farm BNPs, right? Okay I got the gist of that part. But you want to use 100 omega marks to purchase them, correct? So how did you figure you could obtain those omega marks since they only drop in elite STFs? Oh, sure, you can get a handful of them elsewhere but you're talking like at least 10 days per BNP with borg alerts I think. There might be other options but I'm doubting it.

Oh wait I get it. This is just an act. Your suggestion which is 100 marks for 1 BNP is actually an attempt to get BNPs even faster. So instead of getting 1 BNP per fight, you can get 3 BNP every two fights when you purchase that third BNP with the 120+ marks you have gotten. Oh okay the scheme has been revealed, you know, since the only way to get omega marks aside from like 10 for doing borg alerts is doing STFs and maybe something else I haven't discovered yet.

I'm not actually against this idea whatsoever but I do think the whole innocent act has been amusing to read. I know it's an innocent act of a hardcore player when they start spouting internet slang like Y U NEED MK XII IF U NO ESTF???!!! That and the fact that your vocab isn't a complete mess like the typical complainer who wants everything handed to them on a silver platter just screams the obvious truth. I commend your efforts, sir/mam.

I could bother mentioning that maybe they could do a 100,000 fleet credit per BNP thing or out right buying BNPs with dilithium or 5,000 romulan marks or whatever because if you are being sincere about this I am fairly certain it will be your comeback argument and how I am supposed to magically know that omega marks were merely an example and I'm just trying to troll or whatever and the flame wars will then commence thereby getting this thread closed in due time, but I strongly believe borg gear should be earned through doing borg STFs, period. Not because I want YOU to be lesser than I. It's because that's the entire point of their bloody existence is to provide borg gear. Skipping them makes STFs pointless to exist. I'm all for alternative methods of obtaining items but when it comes to the end game part of a MMO it is always a bad idea to allow alternative and reliable methods of obtaining it's rewards. Especially in this MMO where STFs are the only end game in existence and for a long while now. It's pitiful but it's what we have.

Do we really need to ruin that too so the ultimate lazy gamer that's gaming for no good reason when they are skipping most of the gameplay can skip them? Even if making them take longer than just doing the STFs? I don't know. My gut says hell no. But my brain is saying getting crap faster is never a bad thing no matter how you try to spin the negatives. And no matter how you try to sell it, such a change in the system WILL allow me to get BNPs faster. That's why I'm not against it. It gets me what I want faster. I'd be an idiot to not want it. My point is, there's a very good reason why we shouldn't get it.
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11-23-2012, 10:51 AM
I'm generally a fan of making long winded replies, but..

BNPs are a difficulty-based currency. Step up to the plate if you want them.

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