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# 1 Feedback of Season 7
11-18-2012, 02:30 PM
After having played season 7 for a while now this is my feedback i will try to keep it constuctive tho:

1. STF Changes

a. Removal of all drops kinda makes them boring
b. They don't feel rewarding
c. I think that they should have loot in them, not borg gear just random drops like you used to get

2. Reputation System

a. Overall i like the idea
b. Mission timers are insane they need reduced at least some.
c. Gear purchases should be on the upgrade tab as well as the regular tab or the timers cut way down. It is ridculous i spend 3-4 days getting t1 rep then if i want any gear it would take me days to get it before i can start on reputation again.
d. Dilithium in the reputation system should be completely removed, i never spent dilithium to get STF gear before i shouldn't have to now. I would rather pay a lot of omega marks per piece than any dilithium or the dilithium amount should be very low.

3. Dilithium Costs

a. I think dilithium costs for stuff need reduced or the max refinement per day increased some to maybe 10k.
b. Everything in the game now cost Dilithium(Crafting, Reputation gear, Fleet Starbases and Embassy) but the amount you can get hasn't been increased.
c. Make Dilthium in costs make sense please not just attach it to everything.

4. New romulan content
a. over all i enjoy it, looks nice and there is quite a bit there probably haven't even scratched the surface of what is there yet.
b. Reputation system is interesting for them
c. Don't like the new patrol daily there the mission should at least give you a list of systems that you can do to help otherwise i have to guess what sytems you can go to for it not saying it should be the same systems every time tho just a list of the ones you can do would be helpful.

The last thing i want to add is this the way that you did the removal of Dilthium in STFs was wrong, and while yes you did at least reverse it quickly. The fact that it was not in the season 7 patch notes at all to me was a dirty trick, you lost much of my trust and respect as a gaming company over that something that you will have to earn back. I hope it was an oversight not putting it in the notes but right now it came across as intentional and even if you say it was an oversight it would be hard to believe due to the fact that you didn't say that right away.

I love the game and am a lifetime subscriber and i will continue to play the game but please i ask you don't get greedy i have seen too many good games die because the company got too greedy.

I mean this as constuctive critism not as a gripe.

Keep up the good work and hopeful as time moves on you will listen to your fans and supporters.
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# 2
11-18-2012, 02:39 PM
I agree with the Dilithium cost.
The Borg Space Assimilated set used to cost 5 Data Chip per piece (5 normal STF game worth of effort). That make the entire set obtainable in 15 games. Now it cost 14,000 Dilithium to get one piece of the set.
The cost is way too steep compared to the old system.
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# 3
11-18-2012, 02:42 PM
Wow. Just... wow.

You're the first poster that made a thread like this but kept it civil and constructive.

I fully agree with the contents of the OP.
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# 4 I agree
11-18-2012, 02:42 PM
Very good point. Short and precise!

Originally Posted by archofwinter View Post
I agree with the Dilithium cost.
The Borg Space Assimilated set used to cost 5 Data Chip per piece (5 normal STF game worth of effort). That make the entire set obtainable in 15 games. Now it cost 14,000 Dilithium to get one piece of the set.
The cost is way too steep compared to the old system.
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# 5
11-18-2012, 02:58 PM
Good parts:

New Borg STF's are challenging and require a more balanced group than the old ones-you can't survive Onslaught without a teammate who's got SNB and Sensor analysis-the old way of five tac-escorts facerolling the Borg are gone, and good riddance.

New Romulus is very pretty.,,,very, very, pretty...but it should've been opened to lower-level characters as the content's really more appropriate for someone levelling UP, than someone already at the top of their game...but it IS very pretty.

New Romulan Marks STFs and Vault mission? also very pretty, but seems to be all-DPS gameplay-5 tacs in escorts can clear most of it.

Bad parts:

Rep system: "As if we didn't have enough things draining our accounts". This should have been retrofitted to the lower levels instead of made "top tier" er..."Content", and taking from players to force them to play in order to get BACK what they already HAD EARNED???

Not so good, Cryptic. If you're going to monetize, it should be a seamless process, not the application of a meat-cleaver and blowtorch to your existing, often PAYING, customers.

The revenue model displayed is very short-term, F2P is about drawing NEW subscribers in-new content should, in a rational model, encourage both NEW Playercharacter alts from existing accounts, AND be an incentive to recruit new subscribers. the Rep system does neither thing well as it has been implemented, and it's a HUGE portion of the "new content".

Good things: if you're a FEd, you have two new ships to choose from, with multiple variations (making it really a total of 5, if you're on Steam and spent the money in the Zstore.)

Bad things: 35% of STO players either have Klingon characters, or play it as primary. Activity-based (from observation) more Klinks are more active than most Feds. Active players are the ones that tell their friends and relatives what an awesome game they've found. Angry players tell family and friends what a ****ty grind things have turned into.

Guess which one generates more new players, and thus, new subscriptions to pay the bills?

ONE of the bills in question being, of course, the license from CBS FOR the Star Trek name. Is this game good enough to stand without familiar names, faces, and places from that show??

Be honest with your answer, and you will see why people are so harshly criticizing the systems being implemented at every level. When you have people flocking to leave and go play Mechwarrior On Line-while the BATTLETECH AND MECHWARRIOR FANS ARE SAYING IT SUCKS... you have a problem that needs to be fixed.
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# 6
11-18-2012, 03:00 PM
Agree with OP in it's entirely. I ended up buying a lifetime subscription when it was on sale. Then after season 7 came out, I asked for and received a refund. Let me make a promise. If the OP's suggestions are taken seriously, I will buy a lifetime subscription at regular price because it would make the game fun again.
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# 7 Thanks
11-18-2012, 03:03 PM
I thank you for your comments please keep them coming tho i do ask you keep this thread the way i started it civil and constructive and to the point please.
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# 8 yuck
11-18-2012, 04:12 PM
if wanted to start new system with new romulus fine with me but the stf should be as they were if concerned with fairness of mk12 drops all had to do was make mk 10=20ecd mk11=40ecd mk12=80 maybe 100 ecd and is fixed and still fun but not now all fun gone in this system. yuck

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