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11-19-2012, 12:08 AM
I got the Vesta. All 3 have good values. Personally I got all 3 and that has served me well.
My tax is using it and I have found that as long as you look after the shields you are with the 3 pack you get that quantom bubble which has saved my Bacon with the heavy plasma many times.
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11-19-2012, 07:35 AM
Thank you all for your advice. I just wanted to let you know I ended up going with the Aventine Class and putting Tiana in it. Looking forward to putting it though its paces.

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11-19-2012, 08:09 AM
Although you've already made your choice (and as I understand it the Vesta is a fine ship, so likely a great choice indeed), in the future, if you should decide to get another one, you might want to consider the Odyssey pack. IMO the ship really reaches maximum flexibility with all three hulls and consoles at your disposal, and it is a VERY flexible and strong ship. IMO the best "combo" is the Tactical Odyssey with the saucer separation console, hence one reason I advocate the pack.

Also with the Regent, IMO it's a fine ship as well. In fact, for the moment, it's my main ship. However, if you should get it, be prepared for the fact that it is in fact a SIDEGRADE to the regular Assault Cruiser and not a true upgrade. It's the most tactical of the sub-Odyssey Federation cruisers, instead of being middle-of-everything the standard AC is. It's still great at its role, tank-DPS hybrid, but it's more wedged into the DPS side of things than the AC.

Just some thoughts for the future, as I can't evaluate the Vesta, being very poorly versed in science builds and abilities.

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