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12-02-2012, 03:21 AM
I worry that once people start playing these missions for the quickie benefit, they'll lose their qualifying flag due to them being rushed by everyone.

Check out my Foundry missions:
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12-02-2012, 12:32 PM

I enjoyed the Borg 101 by XxCaptain<name>xX which a few days ago did qualify; but now it does not. Creating such a list seems impossible if they're going to count some missions on certain days and then discredit them on others.

They need to drop this idea as a failure that is frustrating to foundry makers/players; or create a set criteria for what qualifies (instead of just n minutes); or at the very least provide a filter to eliminate non-qualifying missions. Of course, then any mission that doesn't qualify will rarely (never) be played.

One grip: Some missions qualify not because of content; but b/c it has a dozen load-screens where you're sitting waiting to play for 2-3 min; then wait behind another loadscreen. There should be a filter to wipe these annoying missions out as well.
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12-02-2012, 01:23 PM
Yeah, i think I'll just abandon the attempt to make this list. It will be way too hard to maintain. Plus there is now a way to search and find 20-30 minute missions.
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^^Don't get me wrong - it was an excellent idea. I actually started a list in an excel file this week with the 20 min. filter. I wrote down every mission that qualified, what its starting location was; whether it was space/ground or mixture. After that I started playing a few and wrote down comments such as the number of load screens, amount of combat (if any), etc...

I was working my way down that list when a couple of days later noticed that some of the missions no longer qualified.

Back in the day of NWN 1 - I did massive modding and module creation and as an avid Star Trek fan for life was looking forward to creating some in-depth missions for STO. I made a few for my guild so far to get my feet wet - and it's sadly quite limited compared to the near-infinite creation abilities for NWN 1's Aurora toolset. This new initiative by STO is just another nail being hammered in, IMO.

It is still a great game; and I'm looking forward to working with the foundry in the near future (holidays), but it's all disappointing to see where this is going.
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This whole situalion stinks for a foundry designer. I have a mission in the works and I would like to break it up into 2 parts in case players dont want to do the whole thing in one sitting,but will that disqualify it....
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Yeah I think probably too hard to maintain a good list since it has been changing on people after 1 playthrough of some missions.

I was tempted to make a new sig with something like "If you're a dilithium grinder, please don't play my missions," but then again I did create my HoloHistory ones with the daily kind of in mind. Three famous Klingon heroes, three battles, three missions needed for the daily. Seemed to fit. However one doesn't qualify. Kind of annoying.
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