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I was using my Wells timeship with the complete Mk XII Reman Prototype Space Set (Deflector + Engine + Shield) and had completed an Infected Space Elite. Feeling that I had to change ships again, I unequipped the set and returned to ESD to change ships.

When I got to the Ship Selector NPC and opened my inventory, I noticed that my Reman Set wasn't in there. Instead, a complete Mk XI MACO space set was occupying the spaces my reman set should've held. Further, when I went to remove my engineering consoles to transfer them to my other ship, a Neutronium Alloy console (Mk XI Rare) turned into a Mk XII Diburnium Alloy console (Common).

This is unacceptable. All I did to unequip them was double-click their positions on my timeship. I have no idea why they'd get turned into COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ITEMS by doing this. And I know I am not the only person this is happening to. At least one other person (Kivikii I think he was) also had this happen.

I've also filed this in-game as ticket #1425092

Could a Dev/GM respond and let me know what happened and if I can get my stuff back? Would I need to do a Character level rollback? Would a rollback mess with my timeship since I barely had it for 18 hours before this happened?

EDIT: The answer may be as simple as checking your SHUTTLE to see if your space gear went to THAT instead of your ship. BranFlakes suggested that to me and there they were, intact. The game had equipped them to my shuttle instead of my ship. If you've had this problem like I did and think it mutated your gear, go look at your currecnt "active" shuttle. They might be there. Its related to a different bug they're trying to fix.

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