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# 1 Rep Store Reskill
11-18-2012, 08:17 PM
Give us rep missions to revert a Skill pick...

T1 Skill Revert

150x Marks
1000 dilithium
20000 expertise
10000 Energy Credits
10BNPs (if borg)
1 Rep Skill Token

Rep Skill Token: Worth 100 Zen, Tradeable Item, (so they are found on exchange as well as Zen Store) (Cryptic come on dont overcharge for these things, if i pay 500 for a MAJOR change in skills, i shouldnt have to pay more then a dolar for a very very very very very minor change)


200x Marks
1000 dilithium
30000 expertise
20000 Energy Credits
15BNPs (if borg)
1 Rep Skill Token


250x Marks
1500 dilithium
40000 expertise
30000 Energy Credits
20BNPs (if borg)
2 Rep Skill Token


300x Marks
1500 dilithium
50000 expertise
40000 Energy Credits
30BNPs (if borg)
2 Rep Skill Token

SO... Respecing T1 and T2 would cost $1 each!
T3 and T4 at $2 Each. Which makes for a $6 compleate respec per rep teir, if someone were to switch every skill it would cost them $12. If someone were to say reskill their T2 Borg, T3 Borg and Romulan and T4 romulan, it would cost $6 (which is more then a respec)

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