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Let's be honest, it's silly with all these 'we hate season 7' threads, it's obvious NOTHING is wrong at all, nope, not a SINGLE...thing. All in all, the ole forums are as they are meant to be still. So, back to the main issues, folks!

Let's see...*picks up PADD from nearby table*

Feds are still a cash cow and yet will still whine about one thing or another.
Feds want a whole lot more of everything, including ships.
KDF hasn't gotten anything new or unique at all recently, no ships at all, or anything else new for them.
PvP is still very nearly a dead horse, most of the vet PvPers have moved onto greener pastures.
Pugs, griefers, and AFKers still a major issue in any team-based environment
PvE for the most part is still very easy, outside of getting one-shotted in elite STFs (still).
DPS still rules, cruisers and sci still drool.
This and that is OP, other this and that is UP.
Let us not forget all the many bugs that are still there from so many many months of being left there.

But of course, don't let this old forum-goer prevent you all from enjoying what season 7 has to offer.

(and kudos if you understand what I really mean by all this)

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# 2
11-18-2012, 12:32 AM
You mean,, as in, listening to your favorite song over, and over, and over, until you just can't stand to hear it anymore?HAZ A KOOKIE,everyone.We will all get through this, we always do.
That redshirt, Totally got vaped!!!

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