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First of all. New to the forum so please be gentle. Thus here goes:

The Grand Nagus Rom rides his noble sled and brings glamorous gifts to the Federation and Klingon Empire. And of course instead of dilithium the currency of choice is vast quantities of Gold Pressed Latinum. Perhaps this is indeed a act of kindness or perhaps it is just a elaborate scam to get more people spending their fortunes at the dabo table.

To the Federation he has offered the plans of a life sized statue of himself. Though he also considered the idea of a planetarium hanging from the sealing.

He offered the same idea to the Klingon high council thou he quickly realized that a statue of the great Kahless would be more befitting the great warrior race.

Of cource this all sounds very good. Who wouldn't want Latinum in their starbase?

I read somewhere that there might be High stake dabo nights coming at some point. Perhaps at that time something like this may be a fun option.
Feel free to add you're thoughts and suggestions below.

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