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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I understand there's a lot of frustration (perhaps an understatement) and most of us have put money into this game, but I don't think it's fair to hold Bort personally responsible for many of these issues, especially "Voldie" which seems to have been a recurring problem for Cryptic's engine long before Bort joined the dev team. The SNB fix may have made things arguably worse but at least they're listening. Honestly I get the impression that the Cryptic dev team is simply too small and too many past programmers have left undocumented legacy code. At least that's how it appears to me.

If there are things you're looking for a consensus on, Bort, like with the chron proc, there are a *lot* of things the overwhelming majority will agree badly need attention:

- SNB DOffs (I don't personally mind DOffs on paper, but if anything this one encourages "cookie cutter" builds, a full cannon 'scort will get the most mileage out of it)
- Timeship hard stun exploits
- TB spam
- Danubes in particular toting frigate-level hull points (seriously, I'm still mystified by this)
You are right, it's not cool to hold Bort personally responsible. I don't. I still admire him for keeping an open dialogue and I know he's got love for STO and wants it to succeed.

Bran, Bort, everybody who has tried to reach out to the community: how can we discuss the implications of a VM doff when the in-game VM counter, isn't? These errors undermine everything.

I'm going to have to admit that I think I was projecting a while back when I said that misinformation frustrates this community. I don't have any right to speak for this community.

Misinformation frustrates me. No, let me be honest. Misinformation fills me with hyper accelerated gamma irradiated bug eyed face desk slamming german unreal kid frothing at the mouth searching for keyboard parts on the floor cause I just smashed it with my forehead NERD RAGE when said misinformation comes from the very source I'm paying to be allowed to play.

When information isn't available, like say a "hidden" modifier, I'm cranky, but accepting, even when this modifier gets "counted twice" in FBP, and could have been caught sooner if the formulas were public.

When tooltips aren't accurate because of the intricacies of firing cycles and power drain, I'm intrigued and I take the time to understand the mechanic.

When in game information is wrong I turn into 130 lbs of caffeine and hatred (yes I drop 60 lbs due to the fact that I revert to a 13 year old) because I'm giving Cryptic my money to screw up a job that other players are getting right instead.

Hilbert is better with code than I am with my own genitals. Give him a job and end my nerd rage. Do I need to start a Kickstarter or can Cryptic use the money saved on the S7 artwork by having an 8th grader pencil in that vacant eyed Evony ad elf chick they're trying to pass off as a Vulcan/Romulan?

*huff, huff*

(nerdrage fading)

Bort, I'm laying this at your feet for your consideration, not as an accusation, but my personal angst with this game that I love. These errors are worse than a particular mechanic being overpowered because they confound the issues of balance.

Bran, if you're looking, I don't know if other community members have the exact same nerd rage button, I don't have a fix, I probably don't even have a point. I'm just here, frustrated because I feel like I can't trust what I'm seeing in-game, wondering what else I don't know enough about to confidently pay to respec my toons.

And Bran, again, if you are reading, thank you for your post about the Steamrunner's stats, I bought it based on your word and you didn't let me down. I want to give Cryptic my money, but for things like new ships and not for coding errors to fix my build.
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Originally Posted by redricky View Post

Hilbert is better with code than I am with my own genitals. Give him a job and end my nerd rage.
High Praise indeed......
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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Honestly I get the impression that the Cryptic dev team is simply too small and too many past programmers have left undocumented legacy code.
no kidding?

This ghost has been stalking us (and more so, the devs) since launch! As I understood it, STO was put together at an extremely tight schedule, after changing hands many times. As a result, there was no manual on "how we did this/that part" for new devs to read up on.

Just look at all the issues we've had over the years. Most of them had to be fixed by completely trashing them and rebuilding. The same actually goes for some of the storyline missions.

It looks like often when a dev tries to pull on a string, it comes out with a incomprehensible tangle on it, that is easier (relatively speaking) just to cut out and replace than to untangle.

Now when this tangle comes out when pulling on one of the strings of code that supports the rest of the game, it can't just be cut out, but must be fondled, tweaked and patched as best they can. Like the voldemort. Almost impossible without toppling some of the things that are built on top of it...
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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
it depends on how long the duration is for the stat buff. why do i have a feeling it will be crap like 8 seconds or something...

if its the whole wile EPtA is up, then it will be great. it will be a soft counter to the ~30 aux i tend to have most of the time on 2 AtB ships. if i had a AtB ship with TSS or RSP, and i do, i could do without BFI doffs.
Hrmm, that would definitely matter. If it was a short duration - meh...

Thanks for the response.
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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
I like this change.

I think when used preemptively, ST could prevent one of the original incarnations of VM back in Season 1. Maybe the functionality was also there at a later point, but I don't think I ever used ST after S1.2 to cure VM.
Yes, I like this change too.. I am so sick of exploiters getting the upper hand!!!!
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Side Note: I just noticed, when looking over this new VM doff, that although Eng Team cured individual systems being offline, it did not dispel the ongoing Viral Matrix process. We've decided to allow Eng Team to remove the debuff altogether.

So, using Eng Team on yourself while under the effects of VM will not only turn any offline systems back on, it will also prevent further systems from being turned off for the duration of that application of VM.

(I coulda sworn that Science Team used to do this, but that functionality doesn't seem to be present. It makes more sense for Eng Team to counter a Subsystem Disable, though.)
Exactly, Bort.. there was/is no counter to this and it is being exploited the crap out of!! ET tries but fails with the ongoing effects. ST used to do it, but the capability was lost when it was moved to ET.

Also, isn't red matter capacitor supposed to clear the disabled subsystems?
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No wonder I was getting chain VMed. I always assumed EngTeam would clear VM and the disable. :|

These changes own. My Pug Healer is happier.

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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Also, isn't red matter capacitor supposed to clear the disabled subsystems?
I thought this as well.

I know for sure it doesn't work against the Tholians when they disable my weapons.
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11-27-2012, 06:03 PM
Now that these doffs have been out for a bit, any updates on how useful they are?
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12-31-2012, 12:02 PM
Does anybody have some problem equiping the maintenance doff variant ?I bought a blue one called Piromm (fed) and cant equip him,even when i let some active slots open.

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