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I'll start with the missile launcher.

This is a weapon that you charge 200 lobi crystals for. It's a very expensive piece of gear. And...realistically it's not that great. Yes, it has a 180 degree firing arc. Yes, it has a high rate of fire. But the low damage per projectile and the utterly pathetic way torpedo special abilities work on it conspire to make this basically a kinetic turret with only half its arc.

To that end I suggest an improvement.

High Yield and Spread abilities both improve the "salvo" of the missile launcher by the same amount as they do on torpedo launchers, but because the missile launcher's salvoes are only 2.5 seconds apart and it relies on volume of fire instead of damage per salvo, that doesn't amount to very much at all.

Solution: Ferengi missile launcher should spit out more missiles in a high yield salvo or spread salvo. Like, 3 times as many, e.g. High Yield 1 would give you 6 missiles instead of 2. This would give the missiles a similar degree of performance improvement as torpedo launchers gain from these skills.

Which brings me to the Ferengi D'kora Marauder as a ship...

Basically there's no reason to ever NOT be in battle mode! The EMP feature is tied to a gratuitously long cooldown, and the armor improvements are negligible for survivability. Even when you're in trouble, battle mode is more likely to keep you alive because you're more likely to kill your target before they kill you. To that end, I would like to see Defense Mode improved so that it's actually worth using occasionally.

Take all the benefits of battle mode and flip them around:
* +10 power to weapons becomes +10 power to shields. +5 power to engines becomes +5 power to aux. -5 power to aux becomes -5 power to weapons.
* +30 points to energy and projectile weapon skills becomes +30 points to shield emitters and structural integrity.
* +30% turn rate becomes +30 all damage resistance

It should also take 15 seconds to cooldown the mode change in either direction. Currently it only has a cooldown when you come out of battle mode, and currently why would you want to.
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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
I'll start with the missile launcher.
Methinks their 'fix" for the missile launcher was to add an alternative: the Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo that comes with the Regent (Assault Cruiser Refit). Same arc, higher damage (not as high as a regular QT but more than the missile launcher), and as-normal performance under torpedo abilities, including cooldown.

Assuming you buy the stuff with Lobi obtained from lockboxes, you'd probably have spent close to the amount of Zen needed to get a rapid-fire launcher as to buying a Regent, and with the latter you get a free ship in the mix.

Not exactly ideal, but it's an option. AND if you get the WAQT you can equip it WITH the rapid-fire launcher. On a beam array boat you can effectively broadside both projectiles and beams for fun fun fun
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Switching from and to battle mode is very effective. As for the missile launcher used it without Torp skills problem solved.
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I like all those ideas, but I admit, would still probably stay in Battle mode regardless though. Still, good changes, and would make it more useful to be in the defensive mode. Though instead of + to SIF, maybe make it hull repair instead? A couple thousand more points of hull won't help things too much, but boosting your HE or Aux to SIF sounds better IMO. I'd rather have better heals than a little more health.

As for the missiles, I like those changes most of all. If it's meant to swarm them, I figure that idea is perfect, to truly make it a swarm attack. As it stands now, torp spreading them can shoot an ass-load of missiles, but it still does very little damage (looks cool though). Multiplying that number by 3 would truly make it a weapon worth using a lot more often.
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I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.

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