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For a free-to-play game, paying a company money directly for the right to use digital goods like, in our case, ships and costumes, or extra item slots, things that can be used or accessed always, are acceptable and understood.

Projects in the fleet and reputation system are currently balanced in a fashion where it would be a GREAT relief if you just spent some money in order to complete your next project. Just don't put your money in a system you don't agree with, make your opinions heard. You don't be too rude to Cryptic, their not paying the bills and they're not making away with most of your money. If you love this game, it's in your best interest to have them listen to your input, and the forums can be a hostile place. But it's still important as players to demand to be heard. They're a buffer, and a lot of the time a punching bag, for changes that PWE is responsible for.

More importantly, their just implementing designs that PWE has understood to work to make money. These systems are relatively new to STO, they understand it to work, but they don't need to. It's an experiment for STO. Prove them wrong. Force them into using better practicing in order to get your money. Don't put your money into a system that isn't in your favor, it will only encourage them to move the game in a direction you won't like. Spend money on things like ships and cosmetic items if that's your fancy. It'll promote a healthy relationship where the company is making money on things players WANT to spend their money on.

You have options. Vote with your dollars and have respect for the time you spend. That's the only way PWE will hear you.

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