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I went for aesthetics rather than researching which would be good for me.

Yesterday I got promoted to Rear Admiral lower half and I chose the Star Cruiser. I couldn't fit my poloron cannons to it which kinda irked me. So I went to the fleet bank and bought some, what I thought were pretty powerful weapons like tricobalt torpedoes and Mk. X phasers.

When I'm in a deep space encounter against the Klingons or Gorn, I can hold my own but against the Romulans (Reman)or just about anyone else, I usually have to respawn a half a dozen times before I clear the field. But with my Tactical Escort I had when I was a captain, I could do a whole lot more.

Seems kind of counterintuative to me that a lesser grade ship would be more powerful than a more advanced one.

That, and the Star Cruiser can't bank worth a damn.

So, is there a way for someone to trade in a ship?
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11-20-2012, 07:39 AM
Not directly. You can decomission the ship to free up the ship slot, and pick up another via Z-Store or via dilithium (depending upon the ship), but there isn't any straight-up no-loss trades.

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11-20-2012, 07:54 AM
Yeah, I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to be a desk jockey or go on exploration missions for a while - earn lots of dilithium or next time I get and extra $20, get a PW card then a new ship.

That'll teach me to go by looks...
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11-20-2012, 07:54 AM
No, not really.

You can, however, requisition a new one.
Sadly, the star cruiser you got for free is the last free one.

These are your options, mostly:
- You can requisition an escort, assault cruiser or science ship for 120.000 dilithium. That's the same ships you could've chosen when you got the star cruiser.
- You can get the equivalent of these two cruisers and of the two science ships from the exchange, for about 150.000 energy credits.
- You can get a very rare lockbox ship from the exchange for anywhere between 35 and 500 million energy credits.
- You can buy a ship in the Lobi store, using lobi crystals. Those are hard to come by, as they only drop from lockboxes, really. These ships are also on the exchange for about 60-70 million energy credits.
- You can buy a ship from the C-store/Zen store. Those cost 2000-2500 zen, which you can buy with real money, or with dilithium (roughly 600.000 dilithium, that way. These ships can be used on any character on your account, as opposed to all of the other options.
- You can buy a ship from a fleet store. That'd cost you either 200.000 fleet credits or 25.000 fleet credits and 3 fleet ship modules (500 zen or 5 million energy credits each).

If you want to be able to use cannons on a nimble ship, though, you're mostly thinking escorts. There's mirror version of those (yet), so you can't get them cheaply off the exchange...

If I were in your position, I'd consider starting a new character, to be honest. You can level a character to vice admiral way quicker than you can gather 120k dilithium or 2500 Zen... That, or fly the lower level escort that you do like a bit longer, until you've saved for another ship (or until they release a lockbox with a mirror escort, which'd soon be 150.000 ec on the exchange).

Also: remember that the cruisers have different qualities than the escorts. They aren't necessarily inferior, just different, with different strengths.

Edit: sorry for being slow. Ninja'd x3 -_-
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# 5
11-20-2012, 07:56 AM
You can easily get a mirror universe ship for a few hundred thousand energy credits off the exchange. See if there is anything in there that you like, I would suggest.
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11-20-2012, 08:09 AM
Caveat emptor, my friend - let the buyer beware.

Like others have said, there's no way to trade a ship in; once you've spent the ECs, Dilithium, and/ or Fleet Modules, that ship is yours, and you get nothing for decommissioning it.

Looks are one thing, but you also must take performance and stats into consideration. Escorts and cruisers are very different breeds of ship; while escorts can turn fast and can mount dual canons/DHCs, they have weaker shield and hull values; while cruisers have better hull and shield, but turn like a pig and cannot mount dual cannons/DHCs.

It also depends entirely on your BOff layout. Chances are that you have a BOff layout that favors cannons, using powers like CRF or CSV. These won't do much good in a cruiser, where FAW and BO would work better.

Certainly, two different strategies and playstyles are required to maximize each ship. That being said, if you can get Tactical BOffs that maximize the weapons on your cruiser, and an Engineering BOff that can help heal hull damage, and a Science BOff that can debuff and heal shield damage, you can go from glass cannon to tank, with the same character. You can still get an escort and flip between rolls whenever you feel like it. In other words, you can take this "mistake" and roll it into an opportunity to experiment with different playstyles. Obviously, you won't be able to tank as well as an Engineering Captain, but having the tactical skills can definitely lends itself to increasing your DPS. Just food for thought

I don't care how long you've been playing. I only care about how you play.
And remember to follow the rules.

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11-21-2012, 07:39 AM
While it's still slow to turn but I've upgraded my weapons. Pretty formidable but not as powerful as I'd like.

Helps to have tactical consoles to go with what you have including a Mk. X phaser relay - +20.6% damage. Still would trade them all for cannons.

I traded in my quantum torpedoes for tricobalt devices. They're slow but pack a wallop.
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# 8
11-21-2012, 08:02 AM
Or you could just rethink your build. If you are dying a lot of times in a starcruiser in standart PVE, then you have a really bad build. :-P

Here you get some advice: http://hilbertguide.com/

Or search the forum for the Dragoon build.
Or look in the PVP Subforum for the cruiser thread.

Have fun with your ship. The damage isn't as high as on a escort but you can easiy survive anything the romulans are throwing at you :-) And it looks really cool when you are firing with beam arrays :-)
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# 9
11-21-2012, 08:06 AM
I don't have any of that, including anything Borg.
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# 10
11-21-2012, 08:21 AM
When I became a rear admiral on my main character i went with a Advance Escort. After I got it and used it for a bit, I hated it with all my life because I'm used to cruisers. When the mirror ships came out it helped out a lot, I waited till they became cheap and got a mirror star cruiser and a mirror assault cruiser.

For me I say wait for the mirror escorts. Also while you wait, use RCS Accelerators till you can get a Escort, the RCS Accelerators will compensate for the turn speed. Sure it wont be like a Escort's turn speed but it will help.

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