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City of heroes, champions and now STO... their basicly character creation engines with games attached for me... One thing I loved on the city of heroes site was the "Rate my hero" page. I cant find a thread or website for the same thing for STO... is their?

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12-28-2012, 10:44 PM
There is nothing like that officially, wouldn't work un-officially without an API either.

There should be to be a Captain search, that was on this site and public. I had a website scraping the content from it to display on that site,

Actually my fleet members could enter their handle and their Captain profiles would be pulled through to our fleet site. All very cool but short lived as that is gone.

There is a new thing though, it is in beta but it is online now. Captain Portal or something, you can see all your accolades in it and more. Currently that is not public though but who knows what is coming.

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