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Hi everyone.. Im posting this up incase its a bug as this is the second time this has happened to me now.

Basically around the time the wells class came out i obtained it and the two mirror ships. After deleting the two mirror ships (because i had a few and needed the space in my list >.>) i went to the ship customize screen and instantly got an error which crashed the game.

The error is:

Fatal Error: Error decompressing data. Verifying files in the launcher may fix this issue.:
Technical Details: Texture_Library/Environment/Ship_Tailor/Shiptailor_Background_Plain01_D.Wtex

when i first got this problem i tried reverifying the game data (although i have no proof it actually did it beyond the checkbox unchecking its self on the next launch of the launcher).
After speaking with support i ended up downloading the client again and it was fine. Now however i am getting the problem again.

At first i was worried this was a hard drive or general hardware issue but if it is i cant see how it isnt also a game bug..

I have three installs of the client, all on different hard drives. One is a steam version on C, the others are clients from the sto website on D and G. When one version gets this error i try copying the game files from another install to the corrupt one (because surely its an issue with one of the hogg files) this doesnt fix it... when i load the other game clients up i instantly get the same issue as the one that was corrupted.

also when i try to re-open the application the launcher hangs until i crash the gameclient already in use (using 800,000 K memory based on what task manager tells you) and the cryptic error which also seems to hang.

This error is confusing me and i dont really want to have to download the game client again and again when this happens because im on a monthly cap and it will take most of the night anyway!

Any thoughts?

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