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The reputation system has proven to be a success. Like just about anything, it needs adjusting and tweaking, and changing things around to be better. That said, the system works. As previously said, New Romulus is a test-bed... and now that Season 7 is being adjusted based on feedback, my eye goes elsewhere. Namely, where can this system best go next?

I've heard suggestions of focus on the Cardassians, or the Gamma Quadrant or Delta Quadrant exploration. Personally? I think it should best be focused on our own backyard.

How about an over all Federation/KDF reputation system? If there won't be added mission content in the near future to warrant a level cap raise, in the interim, it could be more feasible to have another alternate advancement system. And let's face it, once Fleet Admiral becomes the final level cap -- there will need to be an alternate advancement system.

I think this would both give us more content, and would give Cryptic very good cause to update, overhaul, and add to work already done on Federation and KDF side.

We have Vulcan, Andoria, Risa... but we also have the solar system in the Foundry. On KDF side we have Qo'noS -- and there's a Rura Penthe map in the Foundry. If we want to make these maps more robust, more public, and more useful... give Cryptic a reason to devote resources to it.

We wouldn't necessarily need maps as large as New Romulus, since it would be broken up over several smaller maps on various worlds (although a New Romulus-sized map on EVERY world would be lovely). Obviously on KDF side there'd need to be an equal number of worlds to match the Federation. Ter'jas Mor, the Orion homeworld. The Gorn homeworld, or some other vassal states of the KDF would need to be built from scratch -- but to make things fair and balanced and give equal opportunity to both factions, it would be necessary.

For the Federation, this would mean having both combat and non-combat content on social zones Cryptic has abandoned or neglected for the last 3 years. Instead of leaving Andoria unused -- incorporate it into a bigger, more robust system with current technology. We've wanted Andoria to be used. We want Vulcan to be used. We want Risa to be redone cosmetically -- and Tumerboy has the talent to do just that, but there needs to be a reason.

A bigger, more robust reputation system revolving the Federation and KDF would give us what we've been asking for for almost 3 years now, and would give Cryptic reason to go back to these forgotten half-finished projects and make things right.

And it could just be a stepping stone. Give say... 5 or 6 areas on each side. All of them contributing to the same project... then over time, you can add one or two more with new features and new content to contribute to the larger system. Cryptic would have a reason to give us more planets in our own territory. We might see Ferenginar, we might see Betazed, we might see Trill. We might see the Lethean homeworld, we might see more oppressed 'servant' states in the KDF.

By providing rewards similar to what's seen in the reputation system in Season 7 -- focus on our own faction's front yards with a similar system would make the game more Star Trek, it would make KDF and Federation territory more fleshed out -- it would give players a reason to go to these areas -- it would give Cryptic a reason to work on these social maps again.

The way I see it, it's a winning situation for everyone. KDF and Starfleet.  39147

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