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OK i know they been requested for a long time but there are some issues with the invisible walls they recently added to shanty,

1st: Some areas are unable to walk over like parts of the bridge

2nd: There are now walls where it wasn't really needed for walls, aka ledge under bridge, you fall down there you cant get back up....was that needed ...nope

3rd: They added all these walls but they didn't do anything to stop people from getting on top off roofs where it is really hard to get them, you shoot, they move back....they buff up and ur dead.......

please fix these issues please!!!
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11-20-2012, 09:08 PM
Indeed the invisible walls are quite annoying. However, that is not what allows players to get onto the map's roof. That honor lies with the feline instinct trait and/or an engineering cover shield. There are points on the map where the cats can jump high enough to reach the roof, or an engineer can trap himself on top of a cover shield, allowing access to the roof. However, that isn't to say they can't be killed. Tactical officers using lunge will fly you up there and knock them down. Engineers can spawn quantum mortars to blow them down, or they can use the same trick to reach their location. officers should just run and hope a tac or an eng knocks them down. Either that or they can toss a damper field on the roof and hope for the best. Most players will move out of the damper in order to remove the significant damage debuff.

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