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11-20-2012, 11:33 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post

If there is anyone that deserves the shame, it is me because ultimately the buck stops here and if something goes live, I approved it.

Luckily, I can also change it ...
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In all seriousness, when people go nuts on the forums I tend to plant my feet and say that you are after all responsible developers and on our side. Not the out of touch badguys.

It's really nice to be vindicated.

Now like I said last time; keep it up.
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11-20-2012, 11:36 PM
Are there going to be adjustements to the insane damage Borg Cube and Gate Tractor Beams do? They deal around 1800-2000 with each tic, which is completely destroying me without being able to do much.
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Just fix the free CMDR BOff slots having a shuttle can get you, and I'll be a happy pirate.


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11-20-2012, 11:38 PM
Wow, some good positive changes. Kudos to the devs for listening to the playerbase
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Mr. Stahl and dev gurus:

First off, I'd like to say that I had some initial "iffy" thoughts on S-7, with some of the changes that I had seen. So far, I've seen alot of good things. I'm especially happy for the reputation system in order to have a an easier time getting the much-coveted STF sets, rather than praying for luck to get the uber-rare proto-tech drops, (which I only managed to obtain a single one on one character, as a casual gamer. This does not take into account how many STFs I've had to leave over people bailing out due to a failed optional objective.)

Will the timers for ALL projects there be lessened to 20 hours vs the current 40 hours for EXP-gaining missions and the requisition projects, or does this apply only to the 2,000 and 800 EXP projects? And will it be possible to claim ALL of the abilities that are present under the reputation tier levels?

I think you guys, quite frankly, out-did yourselves with the New Romulus map. I have never seen such a monster-size map in STO, or any other MMO I've played. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you guys got in store for us in terms of new maps, zones, and stuff.

I'd love to see ship interiors get that large, as we all know that the ship interiors from the shows/movies are ginormous. I'd really like to see more areas on our ships, such as holodecks, recreation areas, gymnasium, arboretum, shuttlebay, and other areas we've seen in the shows. I'd also love to see things where we can do more interacting with our ship interiors, such as changing alert status, maybe experience starship battles from inside our ships, actually boarding and launching a shuttle for missions that require it ("The Vault" from the Romulan/Reman series, and the shuttle mission to the Gamma Quadrant in the Dominion series). Also, the ability to pick the NPC uniform styles of your crew to be whatever main design you want, ie running all TNG-Series uniforms, or the TOS-era uniforms for the NPCs that populate the Constitution-class interior. As a suggestion, the Belfast (DS9 USS Defiant) interior would certainly benefit from having either the DS9 uniform set or the TNG-Movie set running for all NPCs, to bring the feel of "Hey, this is the Defiant from DS9. Now it feels like it," for those that may want to immerse themselves in their interiors and role-play with friends or fleetmates if they so choose.

On other ships, I'd really love to see other canon interiors. You guys did well with the TOS Constitution-class and the DS9 Defiant-class interiors. How about a canon Galaxy-class interior (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Intrepid-class interior (Star Trek: Voyager), the NX-class interior (Star Trek: ENTERPRISE), and/or the Constitution-refit interior, as seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan?

While on the subject of interiors, I'd like to propose more shuttle interiors. You guys have duplicated the Danube-class runabout cockpit pretty well (as it's seen on DS9) so kudos there. I'd love to see more canon shuttle interiors, like for the Delta Flyer, TOS-era Class F shuttle, and others.

For those that like to role-play, how about some more outfit options. KDF could certainly benefit from more clothing options. Also, some Risa-appropriate attire for Federation characters would be helpful for anyone wanting to role-play a vacation to Risa.

To the dilithium rewards... I know this is a very sensitive subject for some of the players. You said that you really wanted to see a larger amount of dilithium being refined by players. To help us reach our 8,000 caps more easily, here's a few suggestions. For those that want to play through just the story content, how about a dilithium earning for completing ANY mission in the story arc, whether it be the first time or on replay? This would also apply to the Featured Episode content, say something like 480 - 720 dilithium ore. For end-game players, the Special Task Force missions require a great deal of teamwork and skill to get through and be able to get the optional objectives completed. Also, lessening the cooldown timer will help them to be run more often, thus adding to the amount of dilithium ore earned. Here's a breakdown of the proposal there:

Normal STFs:
Completion: 720 dilithium ore
Optional Objective completion: 10% bonus for all players to dilithium ore and Omega Marks
Base Omega Marks stay the same
Cooldown is 30 minutes until it can be replayed.

Elite STFs:
Completion: 1,440 dilithium ore
Optional Objective completion: 25% bonus for all players to dilithium ore and Omega Marks
Base Omega Marks stay the same
Base Borg Neural Processors stay the same
Cooldown is 30 minutes until it can be replayed.

While on the subject of the STFs, there's been several times when I've ran the space ones, and I've gotten hit with what's been termed "invisi-torps" (invisible torpedoes) that do an insane amount of damage and act like an instant kill. Are these being looked into as well, because they're very annoying.

Also, the auto-fire has been acting up since Season 7 went live. Specifically, the "Maintain" function under "Options" > "Controls" for space combat. Any ETA on this getting back up? Asking as I had to hold down a firing button to keep firing. As soon as I let it up, I stopped firing, which isn't right.

Another suggestion: Stack sizes... I know these go up to 250 for some things, like some of the commodities. How about upping these to that level:

Hyposprays, Energy Cells, Personal Shield regenerators (ground), Ship Components (repairing ship injuries), Regenerators (healing personal injuries).

Also, maybe up to 1,000 for the following:

Data samples, Data Traces, lock boxes.

And, are there any plans to further expand inventory/bank sizes?

All-in-all, good work so far with Season 7, despite a very rough start. I'm looking forward to seeing what more good things you guys have in store.

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The applause is for the contents of the changes.

I would like to add that this recent wave of communication from you, Dan, is exactly what I have been wanting to see in this community for awhile. Weekly or even bi-weekly updates where you take time like this to communicate with, and respond to the community are great.

We don't always have to agree with the changes you guys make, but to have the games executive producer coming and explaining why the changes are being made, the design behind it, and being willing to accept feedback, and respond.

We need more of this.
If this is a new "Feature" that started because of Season 7.
I approve.

Hell, Dan, it doesn't even have to be you every week. Just a Dev popping in with an official update and the time to respond back and forth for a bit about what they know.
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Originally Posted by dastahl
If you were at the Star Trek convention in San Francisco this last weekend, Denise Crosby would have you believe that this episode is going to be all about Tasha Yar and Sela. We'll see... anything can happen.

I'm intrigued. I'm jealous that you got to meet her, btw. Here is hoping Denise Crosby got a tour of Cryptic Studios since it's, you know, so close to SF. Wouldn't it be cool if Crosby was shown the room where voice-overs are recorded?

I, too, am hopeful for the Ambassador-class starship as a reward for this Featured Episode.
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NICE! really some good improvments!

-------------@ DASTAHL:----------------

but what about something like this aswell?:
really only want a statement><

you really should add about adding a turn in way for omega/romulan marks. there is also another idea for stfs rewards......maybe u find it intressting? pls check it out and give us a feedback!

here the "turn in" idea
idea is simple! we got because of our missions we were doing and because of the crate A LOT of marks which we never gonna use.SO what about u simple can turn them in for reputation? that way old players which had a lot of prototypes and stuff which has been converted into the crate will be rewarded for their archivments!

add a new project like the one where u can turn in the neural processor!
that would be really awesome! all the marks we got spare would be usefull!


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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Time for a STO Season 7 Update
  • Omega Conversion Crates can be opened immediately. You will no longer need to achieve T3 in Omega Fleet to open these.

Daniel Stahl
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online

Salt in the wound much Dan? I sold off all my EDCs, Borg Techs and Salvage before season 7, because I didn't want to be pressured into having to make it to T3 to use them, and now here we have it that it's open at our leisure. T_T Daaan!!! Daaan!!! Daaan!!! :p
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there are some good improvements there but taking ANOTHER source of dilithium away will push more people away.just sayin'
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