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11-22-2012, 07:50 PM
Loot boxes are coming back? Omega Boxes can be opened immediately?

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11-22-2012, 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
they screwed up. that's a given. but it's not the first time they've screwed up, nor is it the last time they'll screw up. at least they're taking steps to remedy some of the issues this time.

if you don't like how something is being done or if you think something needs to be changed, creatively criticism them and offer suggestions. you never got your way crying, stamping around and calling people names as a child. what makes you think anything's changed between now and then? if anything, it gives them incentive to do the opposite.
Yeah, true, but that creatively criticism, positive & negative, was given weeks before Season 7, even weeks before they launched it on the Tribble Sever. And, they have put those advices, concerns, ideas aside and did nothing with it. Like for example that reputation system. It's totally over the top at all. Reason of change: people got too much currencies. What do you get in place ? Two different reputation marks that are piling up for what ? Ah, to get your MK XII gear which is costing dilithium.

A better solution was : Getting rid off that salvage and prototype stuff. Using the EDC's for everything that is Romulan, Omega, Maco : Example :

MK X stuff : 40 EDC's a piece + eventually a mild amount of dilithium
MK XI stuff : 60 EDC's a piece + eventually a mild amount of dilithium
MK XII stuff : 80 EDC's a piece + eventually a mild amount of dilithium

Gosh, wouldn't that be easier to implement into the system ?

Another example : Make the optional a loot bag for each team member, instead of that roll the dice system. Only like that, all team members will do an effort to get it. Now, at this moment, it doesn't matter if you or someone is screwing it up for the rest of the team. They get rewarded anyway, with this need or greed system. BTW, if you are able to take down a cube, for example, by your own, and it drops loot, why should another have the shot to run away with it, whilst he is poking his finger in his nose and do nothing at all ? Does it seem not logical for you ?
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11-22-2012, 08:55 PM
Mr. Stahl I noticed after doing a Tholian Red Alert that I could not turn in the Thoian Red Alert (Daily) as I did not get credit for doing the Red Alert. Of course this made me a little sad. I hope you are aware of the issue and can ask someone to look into it on part of the other players that have also been bothered by this issue.
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11-22-2012, 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by usscapital View Post
just got to teir 2 in the rom rep system this morning , started another project to start work on teir 3 and it said 20 hours to complete . just looked at the time left this evening and it now says it has 1 day 9 hours left , is this a new bug ?
Same issue with me here, I thought they reduced the timers for T1 & T2 projects? Right now I'm seeing the old 40 hours time, and not the new reduced 20 hours that was supposed to be in place.
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11-23-2012, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by thepantsparty View Post
Any chance that the equipment requisition/store unlock projects in the rep system will be moved from the advancement slots to the upgrade slots? The upgrade slot sits unused almost all the time, while having a equipment requisition (which currently takes 40 hours) that competes with advancing your rep is... frustrating.
Thats indeed the only thing that bugs me,

the only downside so far.

For the rest doing a perfect job Cryptic!
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11-23-2012, 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
To be fair to Jack - he has been the most vocal champion of the changes that you see in this list. He plays STO a lot and always has really good feedback. I just like to blame him for things because he's fun to tease.

If there is anyone that deserves the shame, it is me because ultimately the buck stops here and if something goes live, I approved it.

Luckily, I can also change it

Fortunately, Season 6 (and now Season 7) have been such positive improvements to the game (and the health of the business), I've been able to increase my staff and for the first time in Season 8 - tackle something awesome and on my long standing engineering report to do list.

If things keep going this way - the team will be able to start knocking off all of the features and content goals we've had since day one. It really is a good time for STO and we hope that with your support - it continues!
So long as that thing you're tackling in season 8 is a full fledged Klingon Faction then people will certainly be happy.
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11-23-2012, 04:31 AM
Well done

Appreciate all of you Devs hard work and
Determination to make this season work
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Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Mr. Stahl I noticed after doing a Tholian Red Alert that I could not turn in the Thoian Red Alert (Daily) as I did not get credit for doing the Red Alert. Of course this made me a little sad. I hope you are aware of the issue and can ask someone to look into it on part of the other players that have also been bothered by this issue.
any projects that get u to teir 1 and teir 2 are 20 hours the others are 40 hours for right now till the next patch is over with
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11-23-2012, 11:04 PM
Looking forward to the changes. I just saw Z|D hit 1:132 for a second there, and that actually worries me a bit. Nevermind I have a Lifetime, as someone who SELLS Dilithium I don't want my buyers to loathe the market! I'd much rather it be less favorable to me but have a steady stream of revenue than for it to massively peak and everyone gets so fed up it swings to the other extreme (ie, people stop buying and Dilithium becomes worthless).

I won't worry too too much unless it goes under 1:100. Maybe we're just seeing a bubble and lots of pent up demand. Ideally the Z|D Exchange is a win/win deal for buyers and sellers, in which case its also a win for Cryptic/PWE.
Updated 2/11/13! Buying Zen with Energy Credits | Upgrading Duty Officers without Dilithium.
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Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
LOL, I read dastahl's post as "Holy crap! The natives are revolting!"
And I bet the average Dil income dropped horribly, I know mine did.
Everything monetarily related in S7 just seemed to scream "Hi, I'm here to ruin your day and/or empty your wallet!"

Glad to hear some of the horrible decisions they made are being moderated.

But I still ain't shelling out any more Dil on fleet projects till the crap-storm is over. Especially useless Dil sinks like the Special Projects. 200k for some visual something at a fleetbase no one goes to. yay.

And while I'm on the subject of empty fleetbases. The Officer of the Day mission ain't worth the time to do for 5 fleet marks. Even if the mission was just 'run to guy, say hi, and he hands you 5 marks' wouldn't be worth the transwarp and jog across the fleetbase.
Someone who feels the same way I do. Cool!

I'd like to add that the rep system requirememts are starting to irritate me no end. The small perks are good and all, but given the choice between 14kdil for a rep project and the same for a SB project, I'll pop for the fleet project every time. Not that I'd toss out that much at once at any rate, because doing so would break my refined stores very quickly.

Which brings me to a question: Why? Why must dilithium be in such demand by the system and at the same time limited so harshly? Even if I did spend all day playing, and used all available ways of acquiring dil, the cap would still strangle my ability to use it the way I want. I don't have some meatball solution for this problem, but I do know that the current state of affairs makes the game a lot less fun and is pushing it towards the sort of choices I have to make in the real world, which I equate to drudgery.

In essence Dan (I hope you're still reading), I want to fly/run around and shoot things and explore, by way of challenging and fun content. If I can do this AND acquire resources that further that end, then all the better. I'm not interested in puzzle's, lots of story telling by way of text, etc., or extensive economic models that make no sense to me. I will, and have, spent real money if there's something compelling enough to warrant it.

Now, I ask you this Dan, because you seem to be in the best position to know the answer: Is there a place for me, and people like me, in the furture of STO?
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